Fairyland Match Download [FINAL]

Somewhere in the forest there is a place called Faevill. This lovely village is home to Ruby the fairy and her animal friends. One day Mr. Goldy sent his goblin thugs to wreck the village. Ruby must find the magical stars in order to rebuild the magical forest and prevent Mr. Goldy from taking over the village. Help Ruby and her animal friends rebuild their home and prevent the greedy Mr. Goldy from destroying their village in this fun and exciting match three game!

Fairyland Match Part I is jolly and memorable Mac or PC game with many playable rewards. What is transcendent about them is that they are totally fitting into distinguished story of Fairyland Match and levels you are in.

If you have some problems solving Fairyland Match game missions — use hints! Match-3 PC, Mac game Fairyland consists of terrific accommodative controls, and delectable images. You will kvell with exciting Match conclusion.

Shareware game Fairyland Match is free download with one hour trial period for free playing. If you use fast Cable/ADSL internet connection you can download Fairyland Match game for a few minutes. Installing and playing Fairyland Match game don’t include any adware, spyware or advertise modules. After playing Fairyland Match game for free one hour you can buy it for 2.99 $ and play full version with no limits or uninstall it. Fairyland Match game works with Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10 or MacOSx. Start download exciting Match-3 game Fairyland Match and take pleasure right now!

Download Fairyland Match

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