Monument Builders: Rushmore Full Game

Take a role of Henry Johnson, Gutzon Borglum’s right hand, to help him to complete carving of American presidents in Monument Builders: Rushmore Game! Travel back to 1927, where preparations at Mount Rushmore had started. Continue your work, gathering necessary resources and protecting them from burglars until year 1939, when building process will be completed! You will find out what “honeycombing” is — drill holes in stone and put dynamite into them. But be careful with the dynamite — it’s very unstable and dangerous these days! Can you complete four presidents in time? Prove your talent in this Time Management!

Neophytes of exceptional Time Management PC/Mac game genre will love this shockingly hunky-dory Monument Builders Chapter XII: Rushmore game. Monument Builders: Rushmore Mac, PC game will attract any player, from beginner to skilful, you will fascinate into explosive reality of this PC/Mac game.

You will have to put to inventory many items too in Monument Builders: Rushmore, some are thrown elsewhere among the places, others can be obtained during Time Management scenes. Rushmore game is definitely worth attention and downloading of the Time Management genre aficionados. Download lovely Monument Builders Mac PC game for free and derive pleasure!

Monument Builders: Rushmore is one more proof that Time Management casual games are getting more copacetic and serious but still remain handy and groovy. In this admirable PC, Mac game Monument Rushmore you will found terrific stirring music tracks, detailed high-resolution landscapes, and fantastic script with transcendent and a lot of galvanic storyline missions, so play it and entertain!

Monument Builders: Rushmore Game

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