Nonograms: Wolf’s Stories Final Game

For a long time our protagonist in Nonograms: Wolf’s Stories Game was so happy! He had a wife, a house and six wonderful cubs! All of them were so young, so innocent! And one day everything changed dramatically in this Griddler game! Wolf’s wife took a day off and left all day cares onto him. When he was putting cubs to sleep he fell asleep along them. And when he woke up at the morning — all six were gone! Now our wolf must use his nose and his mind to track down kidnapper and bring him to justice! And without your help this happy family is doomed!

Nonograms I: Wolf’s Stories is fancy PC game, it was founded, developed and designed by the real professionals. Even tremendous graphics of Nonograms: Wolf’s Stories is very eye-catching and peaceful, it will contribute needed ambience together with the premium class soundtracks.

Jump into clinking environs of Nonograms Stories game. Nonograms: Wolf’s Stories is one of the most groovy PC games of Griddler genre.

You will never regret moments of your life, spent with this PC game Nonograms: Wolf’s Stories. Play until unthought-of accomplishment of grand Nonograms game — it will leave no one apathetic, even fanciers of the most prodigious PC games! Any enthusiasts of popular Griddler PC games will be hit by this amazingly pretty of Wolf’s Stories PC game.

Nonograms: Wolf’s Stories Game

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