When I do get a night terror or start sleepwalking, I’m usually able to wake myself up in the middle of it; I’ve noticed that I’ll often realize that whatever the particular terror I’m having isn’t real before I’m able to actually wake up. I have felt the physical sensation of part of my brain struggling to overcome another part of my brain.
Can You Die From A Nightmare?
Doree Shafrir

As a kid i’ve had numerous night terrors. Much of what you wrote resonated with me. I’ve been in that half-awake state looking at a closet door swearing that someone is behind it and if I make a single noise they’re going to harm me.

As time progressed two things changed — I began by waking myself up. Then I stopped waking myself up and told myself that this is a dream, isn’t real and to go back to sleep. Eventually they ended entirely.

Either I grew out of it — Or the fact I recognized it was a problem and trained myself out of it. Either way, I have more stressful days now than before and it hasn’t come back.

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