GameZilla is soon to launch its first project, CryptoGamez, but many users have asked some questions about how GZILA differs from other native tokens used in an overlying ecosystem.

One of the most prominent features of the GameZilla native token is its ability to create scarcity through trading. GZILA token…

To the GameZilla and KCLP Communities,

What an exciting past 24 hours it has been as we have seen the ultra-successful GZILA launch take off to heights even we didn’t think possible!

GameZilla’s price hit an astounding $0.165 after launching at $0.004. After topping out at an 80x for the…

Good Morning Gamers!

The GZILA IDO has concluded and we are happy with the results of our successful IDO on KCLP!

But our journey has just begun.

We are ecstatic to announce that on 9/23/21 at 1030 UTC, our subsequent listing on PancakeSwap will commence!

Once the smart contract address…

Hello GZILA Community,

We are once again excited to announce the opening of yet another Staking Pool!

Soon after $GZILA goes live on PancakeSwap, a staking pool where one can stake $GZILA tokens & earn exemplary rewards will be available on our launchpad platform.

The details of the Staking Pool are as follows:

Staking APR: 200%

Minimum & Maximum Staking Amount: None

Lock Period: None

Tax: 10% of (Staked Amount + Rewards)

(Please Note: The tax will be used to burn the supply of $GZILA)

With our new Staking Pools set to open, please contact a community moderator or team member with questions and stay tuned for more updates and information regarding other happenings in the KCLP and GZILA community.

We thank you for your time.

The GameZilla Development Team


Announcement: @GameZillaAnn




Greeting Gamers!

Launch day on Kross Chain Launchpad is getting closer and closer. As we prepare for the coming objectives looming post-launch, we wanted to educate our investors and community members on how we will decide allocation percentages for the IGOs hosted on GameZilla.

Following a similar tier structure first…

GameZilla IGO

Good Evening Gamers!

Get ready to roar as we share this exciting announcement. Our upcoming IGO (Initial Game Offering) is going live on 9/22/21 and will be featured on Kross Chain Launchpad!

Our strategic partnership with Kross Chain Launchpad has allowed us an amazing opportunity to launch on…

Game Zilla Launchpad

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