December|List of Gamefi Game Associations (Financing Perspective)

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Country Profile Financing Amount (10,000 USD) Information/Recent Information Game Official Website Twitter Twitter Followers (10,000 USD)
1 Polkastarter’s Polka Reward Chain Platform has IDO projects in the initial launch of Quidd Mytheria Cere and Thetan Arena 59.5

2 Yield Guild Games (YGG), YGG Philippines is a game guild that makes money on its own, bringing local people to make money through a blockchain-based economy. We are the creators of the new world in the meta universe 1600 July 12.496 million US dollars, August A16Z 4.6 million US dollars Axie infinity, Ember swor https:// 13.3

3 Good Games Guild Member Good Games Guild is a game center that aims to create a virtual world economy by optimizing the largest asset it owns and maximizing returns. 170 $1.7 million in October, OKEx, NGC, LD, AU21 CyBall Planet sandbox 9.9

4 Merit Circle Vietnam Merit Circle is a decentralized autonomous organization, focusing on the development of the game economy 10000 October 4.5 million US dollars, log in December 3rd Binance Launchpool Fancy Birds, Big Time / 7.9

5 Guild Fi Thailand GuildFi creates an interconnected ecological game, NFT and community system to dig out to improve the interests of players and achieve inter-universe interoperability. We solve the problem of discovery and access for players, and at the same time improve their players’ participation and achievements that are no longer taken away and converted into specific income or games, and are more likely to contribute to their income and increase their rewards from the network. It is an introductory tool for the new gaming era. Therefore, we have an upcoming new game, and there will be multiple forms of players, from the game itself to the public social guild, there are more game projects and a more comprehensive range of NFT assets. In this way, we more naturally associate the complex puzzles of the gaming community with the meta-universe GuildFi. There are more than 200,000 users and 40,000 users in the ecosystem. We use the daily users of the association as the infrastructure 740 DeFiance Capital and Hashed to jointly lead the investment. Also supported by Pantera Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Alameda Research, Animoca Brands, Dapper Labs, Play Ventures, Coin98 Ventures and SkyVision Capital
The token auction received 140 million U.S. dollars. The token auction has just ended and ended on December 4th., CyBall 8.4

6 UniX Gaming Play-to-Earn’s largest Metaverse Guild UniX Gaming has more than 188,000 members on Discord. UniX Gaming is a decentralized autonomous organization that bridges the Play-To-Earn game and the most important part of Metaverse. Unix Gaming provides a wide audience through its Token; participating in DAO Vaults generates high-yield returns, visit the IGO launchpad , The launchpad will load the latest Play-To-Earn game. Together with 500,000 Jiaming people, we will play an active role in building the Unix game ecosystem. GaiX is DAO V2 which is a gain type to the recently adopted DAO in Metaverse. 2200 In November, it received investment from Banter Capital, LD Capital, AU21, Akash Network, Pluto Digital, Master Ventures, Synergia Capital, Akatsuki Inc, Paid Network, Scrypt, Banter Capital, ArgoBaseBase II, Unvest, The Club, Guide Education and Tuition Kit invest

End of tokens on November 26, revenue of 22 million US dollars Axie Infinity, Big Time, Star Atlas, Monkeyball, Sipher, etc. very much 4.4

7 Avocado Guild comes by lending the necessary NFT assets needed to enter the P2E game. Players who borrow NFT assets from the public are discussed. 1800 In December, Avocado Guild completed a $18 million Series A financing, led by Animoca Brands and QCP Soteria Nodes, as well as binance, LD, Mexc, SOLana Demole Elpis Battle, Bigtime, Thetan Arena, SIPHER https://www.avocadodao .io/ https ://.com/Avocadoguild 4

8 SnapFingers DAO developed from the most active Chinese community, integrating various resources of its three independent functional departments: research team/community and game guild. Its goal is to maximize the impact of the entire blockchain industry through the results of research and communication in English 2.2

9 MetaGaming Guild (MGG) is a community-managed organization that aims to make game finance more fair to the public. It mainly focuses on the real-time scholarship program. Players or members can access the game without upfront fees, obtain early game tokens such as VC, and deploy their NFT to achieve automated revenue 200
Recently organized online AMA activities Gold Fever, Axieinfinity, Placewar 3.7

10 Gu 8 is the largest blockchain game guild in Vietnam, jointly created by Coin98 Labs, Kyros Ventures, and Coin68 Media, with personal support from FTX. Ancient8 aims to recruit millions of game players and communities into the era of GameFi, NFT and Play-To-Earn. Scholars of the ancient 8s not only have the opportunity to play the latest and popular blockchain games, but also contribute to the future of Metaverse and earn income. The most recent fundraising was in September, and coin98 is recruiting gold users Axie Infinity https: // 1.2

11 Crypto Gaming United Asia, Africa Crypto Gaming United (CGU) is a virtual economy of platforms, platforms, bars and new income, while learning new digital skills and interacting with the global blockchain gaming community. 500 Australian Venture Capital

The price of CGU token sold in October is 0.25u, and the current price is 2U 1

12 Zebedee By playing the world’s most popular multiplayer FPS game, get ZBD’s Infuse to earn Bitcoin 1150. September 11.5 million Bitcoin Rally, mintgox. 0.66




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