Ether is coming to the Game of Blocks!

Forget collectibles! is not a card trading game. Inspired by Catan, Risk, and Monopoly, Game of Blocks is a board game that demands strategic skills, critical thinking and trading science. It won’t take you more 0.03 Eth. to become a player, but it will take the spirit of a conqueror and the wrath of an invader to become King — and some luck!

At the dawn of the decentralized app era and after a long journey of great deprivation, your wallets finally reach the shores of an uncharted blockchain board game. The Game of Blocks. But you are not the first conqueror, other fearless crypto-aficionados are approaching the blocks! The race to the throne has begun!

Game of Blocks is a weekly conquest.

The map is a beautiful island with Plains, Forests, Mountains, Deserts, and Lakes, surrounded by frozen land.

Build your kingdom Block by Block, but be sure to choose your land carefully and upgrade your kingdom wisely!

Each type of land, holds a treasure chest. At the end of each game, the 5 treasure chests will be awarded to each land’s most powerful kingdom.

If you’ve established a powerful kingdom, then the odds are in your favor, but your opponents are smart too.

Game of blocks rules

1. A new beginning

Every 12 hours, 10 level 1 blocks will be made available for purchase on a first come first serve basis. Once they are bought, unbought lands become frozen again

2. The ice melt

5 types of land are available: Forest, Mountain, Desert, Plain or Water. With each type of land comes a treasure chest.

First pick level 1 blocks

It won’t take you more than 0.03 Eth. to start your kingdom during the ice melt.

3. Conquer enemy blocks

If you missed the ice melt, you can extend your kingdom by conquering enemy blocks.

The invasion of an enemy block will earn your opponent 125% of his initial investment.

4. Conquer new lands

With each invasion, blocks are given a level upgrade. The higher the level, the more points a block is worth.

The more points you earn, the more powerful your kingdom will become.

level 1 = 1 points
level 2 = 3 points
level 3 = 5 points
level 4 = 8 points
level 5 = 13 points

Blocks can be invaded up to 4 times.

5. Win the treasure chest

At the end of the week, the game stops and all transactions cease to make way for the final count.

To win a treasure chest, you must have the most points in any of the 5 types of land.