GameCredits Will Test Esports Tournaments In Japan With The Help Of Team Detonation

Mar 28, 2018 · Unlisted

In December of 2017 GameCredits announced a partnership with Team Detonation, Japan’s top esports team. Since then we’ve been working hard to establish ourselves in the Japanese gaming and esports industries.

With the help of Team Detonation GameCredits will sponsor a series of innovative esports tournaments. The tournaments will function using different rules and technologies that have not yet been seen in the esports space. GameCredits and Team Detonation will take the data gathered at these events to refine an esports framework for the gaming industry.

Many of you are probably wondering why we feel the need to develop such a framework. As it stands there is rapidly growing corporate interest in esports tournaments and media. Despite this interest the esports industry isn’t ready for peak growth, especially in Japan. Regulations surrounding esports are still in preliminary stages and standards of practices have yet to be adopted. GameCredits and Team Detonation see an opportunity to be on the forefront of esports growth in Japan.

We expect to begin these first tournaments in May of 2018. As we get closer to the launch of these events we will be providing further details and clarity to our community.

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GameCredits is a cryptocurrency and company building products to revolutionize the gaming industry.

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