Introducing Blinking - Identity Management On The Blockchain

GameCredits has an ambitious goal of providing an ecosystem of innovative products for the gaming industry including payment processing, easy fiat to digital asset exchange, our own mobile store, and more. These technologies will handle the identities and funds of potentially millions of users. With this in mind, we’ve been developing blockchain based security and identity management tools to secure our products.

Today we’re happy to introduce Blinking, a multi-factor identity management tool built using Hyperledger. Blinking secures all private user data on the blockchain, allowing data to be shared when it’s needed and revoked when it’s not. To secure this data, the application uses a mixture of fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, password verification, and we’re working on adding more. In order to make this application possible, we joined forces with a team of academics with backgrounds in biometrics and computer science. After months of hard work, all of us are looking forward to the applications release.

We’re excited about the potential impact of a service like Blinking. Not only can it be used for the gaming industry, but Blinking can potentially be used by financial institutions, humanitarian organizations, and more. In fact, one of our anticipated use cases is for refugees who can’t receive passports. Blinking will allow these people to verify their identity with their biometrics, allowing governments and humanitarian organizations to help and process people faster.

At GameCredits we know that blockchain technology has the ability to reshape our digital society. Knowing this we will continue to produce products to help people in the gaming industry and outside it.

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