CEO Happy Xu’s letter to GTC community

To our beloved founding community,

I have promised to write a letter to you from, addressed to our first official founding community (you are included), I put it off until today, so I want to apologize to everyone first.

As we all know, we haven’t launched any official community since came into the public eye on January 1, 2018. Instead, we have been working hard to make products and establish commercial footing in the market. It is also in the most recent period, that our products have had some achievements and rapid development, so it’s time to officially think about where we are.

Let’s first look at what the so called crypto communities look like today. Communities that only show a few thousand user counts are looked down upon, so many companies buy bots or use bounty incentives to induce people to join the community, to fill their user count with tens of thousands of “people”. When our user count rises we get criticized for not rising as fast as other groups, when user count falls the critics are there to scold us for it as well, so we accept that some haters are just gonna hate. I still remember our overseas telegram game discussion group, where during the early days despite me answering most questions and trying to build the company at the same time, some global users at first still asked me why I was not in the group. It’s not easy to please every single user. A good supportive community is important to us, and we spend time thinking about what truly defines a real community.

We believe that the real community needs all people to have the most basic consensus, and all people need this consensus to get along. First of all, to join our community, we need you to truly be a holder of GTC, which is important to us. Believing in and our mission is the consensus of the community.

If you don’t believe in GTC, then why join? If you aren’t a believer in GTC and our vision, perhaps there are other communities out there that might better suit you. We are such strong believers in, that no matter what obstacles and challenges we face, we will stand strong and determined to surpass them, to succeed and thrive in the face of adversity.


Are you a believer? Do you want to join us on our journey? Click on the Tribes feature in our Game Me app ( )to search for the official pioneer creators community and other officially licensed sub-communities of Come join us.

If you really have something very important to contact me about, you can download and directly send me a message at ID: happy

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Part 2

We’ve been thinking about the future of digital currency. Based on our reflections on the development and iteration of the digital currency in the past decade, and the global consensus and belief in it, it will be the most subversive movement in human history, a great evolution of law that will ensure things spontaneously running in a better way.

The future digital currency must be a real digital currency that is close to people’s daily lives. Online games? Watch live broadcasts? Pay for a movie? Music? Buying concert tickets? Exclusive supply of scarce resources? Sweep yards, ride in the sun, encounter a roadside cafe, stop to sweep yards to pay to buy a latte? Every aspect of your life can utilize digital currency.

The future digital currency holder is from a real community where everyone is involved, just like religion. Believe in the power of belief.

Digital currency is a real new virtual religion and the formation of a community of people equivalent to a virtual country!

It’s been a wild ride from January 1 this year, when we were favored by many institutions and received huge amounts of financing from many institutions and bigwigs, to surviving several months of the super bear market, to the recent huge recovery. We have actually done a very meaningful and historical experiment.

Yes, today I officially announced the rebirth of GTC.

Everyone thinks GTC is an ERC20 digital currency issued by In fact, GTC is GTC, and she came into this world from Happy’s mind. GTC is now an independent spirit, and we at serve and contribute to the GTC ecosystem and the GTC community. She belongs to no institution, no company, no foundation. She belongs to the new world of the GTC community. Tell the world that the GTC will continue to play a new role and create new rules in the evolution of digital currency, hoping to become a new role model to influence the world.

50 % rewards to the GTC community, 50 % to the world for charity.

Recently, plans to start the 1 : 1 airdrop distribution of 1 billion GTC candy “GTC official rebirth to the world to announce the cause and philanthropic mission“ plan, we will update the global official website to announce the planning and future of the GTC ecosystem, and become the first “Iron Giant” in the industry.

The GTC ecosystem warmly welcomes partners around the world to join us.❤️

The community is you! You are the community! It only takes two people to create a community, believe in the power of belief! is a blockchain gaming ecosystem, powered by $GTC cryptocurrency. Follow us at