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Official admins as of April 29, 2018 are @cryptohedger @Light511 @youngsupport @thatsmochi @shibaji_i @thatsCoconut with admin labels by their names.


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When will I be able to make full use of my pets/store: Full features of the game…

To our beloved founding community,

I have promised to write a letter to you from, addressed to our first official founding community (you are included), I put it off until today, so I want to apologize to everyone first.

As we all know, we haven’t launched any official community since came into the public eye on January 1, 2018. Instead, we have been working hard to make products and establish commercial footing in the market. …

We have been getting many questions regarding the details of the Candy G airdrop on 8/8. After many consultations with investment and market advisors, we have decided to implement a 6 month vesting schedule to the airdropped GTC in the form of time locked candies, to primarily prevent massive GTC price volatility (if both airdropped bonuses and last minute GTC buys were sold off on the day after airdrop), and to protect our true believers and investors from traders that were reportedly going to buy GTC on the day before the airdrop solely for the sake of making a quick…

Intro by David: If you are a Tron Dogs player, there’s no doubt you’ve already heard of the famous/infamous player “June” or seen him dominate the top ranks of many contests along with his crew. He has been the hot topic of discussion amongst many players in our Telegram chatrooms (, and many players have long been curious about June’s gaming secrets and extraordinary abilities to achieve #1 on so many contests. After receiving many requests for an interview with the talented and secretive June, we sat down with him and now bring you… The June Interview.

Can you tell…

First off we want to thank the early players and supporters of Pet Planet and for their extraordinary patience and understanding in riding along with us on the challenging journey of game development at the new frontiers of blockchain gaming. Our engineers are constantly experimenting and testing the boundaries of what is possible in blockchain gaming, so we appreciate everyone’s support and understanding that the road isn’t always clear and easy. Our actions today will set a new base of knowledge and reference for future game developers as we are venturing into the exciting unknown! (hint: inter-blockchain transfers of Tron Dogs)

What is blockchain gaming?

After I entered this industry, I posted a second tweet to my twitter (@gelert) after a gap of 10 years from my first one, saying would tell the world what a blockchain game is. What I meant is that currently no one can define what a blockchain game is. The current implementations on the market do not fully realize blockchain technology’s potential in games. Only through actively working, setting the industry standards, and becoming the dominant player in the industry, can it make sense for one to define what blockchain gaming really is.

Everyone mistakenly… is a blockchain gaming ecosystem, powered by $GTC cryptocurrency. Follow us at

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