Game Jam Winners are here! 6 weeks ago, GAMEE has announced a Game Jam Contest in collaboration with Scirra, enabling all creative people to use Construct game editor, turn their ideas into games, use Gamee’s social features.

Live multiplayer, asynchronous mechanics, play & share… anything goes. The only goal? Creating a piece of content your friends can react on and have a chain of playful events.

The result?

The interest was huge! Thank you very much for all your ideas, feedback and thoughts.

The number of submissions was just below 100 and some had a very interesting approach on how to include social interactions on HTML5 games with simple mechanics: protecting cows from a UFO invasion, strategic tap-tap lane battling, hunger races… Creativity at its finest, no doubt! …

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For the second year in a row, GAMEE and NASA collaborated to make a game to celebrate the anniversary of NASA’s longest mission. Voyager one was launched on September 5, 1977 as a part of the Voyager Program.

Together with Voyager 2 (launched 16 days before), they were sent to study the outer Solar System. Today, September 5, 2017, we are celebrating its 40th anniversary with this great game filled with facts about the mission. 💡

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Level Select Screen 🌌

As we previously did with the successful Mars Rover game, we are allowing our users to follow the path set by the Voyager 1.

Complete every mission to unlock the next ones. …

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New game — Basketball Bunny 🏀🐰

For their second game on our platform, Guinness World Records chose to feature one of their record-breaking animals: Bini the Bunny!

Bini is a 5-year-old Holland Lop bunny and he’s the only one in the world able to paint, play basketball, and comb and style hair. You can see his skills !

In the game, you can compete against him in two different courts: beginners and champions. Here you will be playing to earn rewards and unlock different balls, but he will not put it easy!

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Courts and Balls

You will be able to open a daily gift every 24h to get random prizes. By unlocking the new balls, they will grant you different bonuses and a much cooler look! …



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