Meet the 10 professionals that will teach you how video games are made

Through play, we can come across challenges with delight and we conquer our world with imagination. Modern games have brought the power of play to many areas of work and here, at Game LAB, we want to explore it and help participants shape their ideas and dreams through it.

Step with us in the land of video games, where you can mix play with hard work and business with pleasure. We have prepared a timetable that will cover all corners of this industry, from the actual building of a video game to its launch on the market. And for that, we brought a master for each area, to share with you the best information and skills. Here they are:

2D ART- Cristina Maul

Cristina graduated with a Master of Science in Animation and Visual Effects at University of Dundee, Scotland in 2015, preceded by a Bachelor in Design, specialized in Graphic Design in 2014. She learned and developed skills in Storyboarding, Concept Art, Character Design and Animation, and specialized in Visual Development.

Her first experience with creating video games started in 2014, when she participated at the Oulu Game Lab, in Finland. During that experience she learned how to create art for video games and how to work in a team.

3D ART- Mihaela Morozan

Mihaela is a veteran lead artist and has worked as a 3D artist for over 17 years. She has skills in texturing, animation, 3D modelling, environmental art, digital sculpting & painting and many more. Also, she has extensive knowledge with programs such as Maya, ZBrush, Autodesk and Unreal Engine.

Some of the games she’s worked on include: The Witcher, Armies of Exigo, Life is Strange, Vampyr and Remember Me.


PET is your jack-of-all-trades. He works as a technical game designer and Unity developer, and has a YouTube channel where he uploads various Unity tutorials and let’s plays. He has extensive skills in Unity3D, Unreal Engine and game design. He is also knowleadgeable in video editing having an active channel with over 300 videos.

PET is prepared to help you polish your game idea and will help you use Unity to make it work.

You can find him over at his website, or watch some of his videos on YouTube

MARKETING / BUSINESS- Feiko de la Vieter

A Dutch Senior Project Manager / Master of Scrums who has worked in Software Development and Project Management for international companies in the last 20 years. Specialized on Project rescues and on creating best practices.

Feiko has extensive knowledge and skills with Scrum, project management, team management and is an accomplished business process optimization expert.

Quote: “A goal without a plan is just a wish”

BUSINESS- Radu Ziemba

Radu is the successful CEO of Kappsule Studios, an indie game studio based in Bucharest. They have launched hit games such as Mad CEO which was featured and can be played on Kongregate, Dunkers, Battle Golf and Wrassling. For more about his studio, visit their website.

Starting out with a friend in his apartment making video games, they grew the small two-man team into the full-fledged studio that it is now. He has extensive skills in mobile game development, web design, project management and innovation.

SOUND DESIGN- Cosmin Mirza

Having downloaded a music creation software out of curiosity 14 years ago, Cosmin found his passion for creating music, sounds and voiceovers. Working from his own Audio Cornflied Studio, he is among the few successful and well-known sound designers in Romania, and has worked on many video game and animation projects. Some of the titles include Urban Strife, Abyss Attack and Evolution Highway. He also worked along side Romanian singers and animation creators.

He is also the co-founder of Game LAB TM , and is an active member of Timisoara Game Developer’s community.

You can find him over at where you can listen to some of his demos.


Passionate about PR, Advertising and Communication, Bianca has graduated a PhD in Philosophy, a Bachelor and a Master degree in Communication Sciences. Having found her calling, she has been collaborating as a teacher assistant with the Faculty of Politics, Philosophy and Communication Sciences of West University of Timișoara for over 4 years. She has also coordinated several projects in PR and Communication industry.

Bianca will be teaching soft skills, such as how to pitch your game and how to promote your game in Social Media.


Răzvan has been working in the gaming industry for the past 13 years, with a focus on two main branches: production and education. He has been working at Ubisoft for 9 years as a production manager and studio manager. Some projects include Silent Hunter, Rayman Origins, Assassin’s Creed Pirates, Driver Speedboat Paradise, Silent Hunter V and HAWX II.

Răzvan is a lecturer at the University of Craiova, where he is teaching Computer Graphics and Game Development courses. He’s also involved with education programs such as ACE-Ubisoft Craiova Gaming Centre and Computer Graphics Community.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT — HR- Ramona Gabroveanu

Ramona is an accomplished HR specialist. Working with people in recruitment, career development, employee relations, employer branding and communication for over 5 years, she loves her field of work. She entered the gaming scene 4 years ago because of the freedom, fun and emotions great games convey.

Ramona is looking forward to getting to know everyone, and will be the go-to person for any questions which fall under team synergy & HR.


Bogdan is into gaming since he was a kid. Born and raised in the spirit of one of the biggest game companies, Ubisoft, he has been working for five years as a professional in this field. With good programming skills that he has mastered in the past years, his motivation comes from his ability to be both the craftsman behind the code and the consumer in front of the screen.

Curious, open-minded and rigorous, Bogdan stands for the success of the people who are given the right tools.

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