Gamelyst Selection’s 1st batch

Hello, game dev! Here comes the first round of Gamelyst Selection.

Do not miss the chance to have your game distributed in a platform totally focused on high-quality titles. We believe that one of them may be yours!

Gamelyst is the subscription service for PC indies games and you can now join Gamelyst Selection. The application is simple and fast and we do not ask for any personal information. Make your application here:

You can find more details about Gamelyst Selection and our evaluation system here:

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1st Batch agenda:

July/25th — Games Submission closed to 1st Batch
July/26th thru 30th — Games’ initial analysis
July/31st — Announcement of the selected games to 2nd phase
August 2nd thru 18th — Interviews with the selected games and curatorial evaluation by our professional evaluators
August 20th — Announcement of the Gamelyst Selection final results
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If you got any questions, comments or compliments please contact our team —


Team Gamelyst
Skype: filipeccf