Gamelyst Review: SpiritSphere — Eendhoorn Games

Gamelyst Score = 65,5

- Curator A = Local multiplayer in co-op style and competitive party. With references in old games like Zelda 2D and Bomberman for Sness. Simple gameplay to have fun with friends. For single player mode it can become repetitive.
- Curator B = The game seems very interesting when bringing the local multiplayer, plus a good variety of skills and special items. The characters to choose are few, which can sometimes become repetitive, in addition to the game have still just a few maps and very fast game completion.

Detailed Score (average between curators A and B)
- History: 6,5
- Graphics: 7
- Characters: 6,5
- Level Design: 7
- Gameplay Duration: 6,5
- Development Stage: 6
- Sound Design: 5,5
- Mechanic: 7
- Gameplay Experience: 7
- Curators’ Average Experience: 5,5

*Being selected by the Gamelyst Selection process do not means necessarily that the game will be part of Gamelyst library. It depends on the negotiation and contract signature by the studio.

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