Understanding Gamelyst Selection

- WTH is Gamelyst?

We are indie game lovers. Such as you, we’re tired of non-human relationships and libraries stocked of unprofessional and uninteresting projects. At Gamelyst Platform our subscribers from all around the world can download and play an entire library of high-quality indie games.

- How is Gamelyst’s business model?

Gamelyst exists to make the indie game devs easier and profitable. As a subscription, we charge the gamers monthly. 70% of the revenue goes to the developers, based on the time they play your game.

What??? Lets suppose that a gamer paid 1 coin in a month and played GAME A for 4 hours, GAME B for 2 hours and GAME C for 1 hour:

That way, every game will be proportionally paid. It is very unusual a game with no gameplay at all but, if that happens, we are completely open to talk about the best ways of improving your game appeal and experience.

- OK…but why should I take my precious time with you?

Such as you, we hate the feeling of trowing our time on the garbage. Our team is made by passionate gamers and serious professionals and we will dedicate every single minute working for the best PC Indie Games devs to achieve greatness and our main objective is to grow up along with you.

- How does the Gamelyst Selection work?

It is as simple as it looks like. Submit your game by the form. We will evaluate 100% of the games submitted, one-by-one and human-like. We will get in touch with everyone with score and feedback. If you’re selected, just fulfill the simplified papers and submit your DRM-free build along with the games info.

- I don’t know you. Why should I send you my beloved DRM-free build?

Our devs spent months of work on security and our DRM package only allows gamers to play your game when logged in Gamelyst. We know there are no piracy-free in a world full of enthusiastic hackers, but we will always do our best to keep your game safe, because we love it as if it were ours.

- Who can participate?

Do you create and/or own the rights of an outstanding PC indie game? You’re the one we’re looking for! Just keep in mind that if your game is F2P (free to play), browser based or still with no stable build, we can’t make it available on our platform - even when falling in love with the project.

- How do we evaluate the games?

Our goal in this process is to provide a critical view of the game and why it is part of our selected library of indie games. There is no exact science behind a score, but we take under consideration the game history, graphics, mechanics, and everything else that makes your game stand-up from the regular ones.

We use a scale of 0 to 10 points based on what we consider success examples of each score (below). If your game has a long gameplay and a good replayability, it will be a differential.

We’re trying to reduce the waiting time to the closest to immediate, but the evaluation is not due by magic or algorithms, so it will take some time to be done. Everyone will receive an answer.

10.0 — Godlike

In the gaming world, there is not a perfect game, but those who receive this title from us are considered those who came closer to it. They are games with the potential to marking generations, influence the production of other games and sometimes even create new trends. They are games with depth out of the ordinary and popular balanced appeal to the high level of production.

9.0–9.9 — Masterpiece

If any game got into this category it means that it has something that impressed us, bringing new proposals for gameplay, story, well developed and detailed characters, etc. We are confident that one day everyone will look back and see this game as one of the highlights of its time.

8.0–8.9 — Great

Games that mark us with something special to always enable us to remember them. There might be some specific complaints but which don’t disqualify all the high-quality gameplay, sound design, unforgettable characters and hours of fun with friends or some combination of these points.

7.0–7.9 — Good

Could be better? Possibly.

Sometimes it becomes very repetitive on maps, characters and music, in addition, players sometimes suffer technical difficulties during gameplay, but even defaulting in some points as mentioned above, you could still surprise us in many ways and render to us many hours of fun.

6.0–6.9 — OK

For you to find the fun, you will have to know where to look and maybe even encounter some negative points. Those points do add lot of “if”, if it had multiplayer, if it had various characters, if it lasted longer, if it presents greater depth and if it had a better story, etc.

5.0–5.9 — Average

There is nothing surprising and many usually forget it after finishing it or going through any technical challenge. We encounter a repeat of events in addition to a shortage of items, enemies, and characters, yet they can provide a fun time if there is nothing more interesting.

4.0–4.9 — bad

Even if you’re struggling to find the few good ideas in this game, they will be under a bad construction, implementation and gameplay and in the end become a bad experience for the players. They can be considered a waste of time for most gamers.

3.0–3.9 — poorly

A bad game is something consistently unusual, but if they are here to save you money and time, these games often become a combination of poorly executed and not so original ideas.

2.0–2.9 — Unbearable

Games not fun, with an extremely poor development, which fails in all aspects of what makes a game be considered good, is practically without the chances of having good sales and a good reputation among the players.

1.0–1.9 — Horrible

Really badly made games that hardly reach the shelf light of any platform or online store, and that stays in dark clouds of the gaming market, and we are often spared from such games, but they are out there somewhere.

0–0.9 — Antisocial

They are considered to be the worst ever made. They are so substandard to the point that they simply don’t work or are true frauds. There are extremely rare cases of those who manage to reach these depths but those who succeed have left a bitter taste in their memory.