Bull Case for Crypto Gaming & Our Core Investment Thesis for this Cycle

3 min readJan 17, 2024


Let’s tackle some false beliefs upfront before we dive in. Gaming isn’t new and Crypto isn’t new, so why is Crypto Gaming so special? We believe, along with many Triple A gaming studios, that this is the final evolution of gaming. Some of the biggest studios in the entire industry, such as none other than Rockstar games, have even hinted that Crypto Currency and Web3 integration will be a key feature in their upcoming releases and with this future rapidly approaching, we believe it is in our best interests, and the interests of our bottom line, to front run this narrative.

The Total Gaming Market Cap vs. Crypto Gaming Market Cap

The Total Gaming Market Cap is currently 14x (1,400%) larger than the entire Crypto Gaming Market Cap combined. In fact, just one single company, Activision Blizzard Games, has a market cap nearly 5x (500%) larger than the entirety of Crypto Gaming combined… just 1 single game. I hope now you’re starting to get a clearer picture of the truly enormous opportunity we are faced with. Once these Triple A Studios such as Rockstar, Blizzard, and more officially roll out Crypto/Web3 integration (something they have already hinted at publicly), the entire Crypto Gaming Market Cap will reprice. Our personal targets rest around 200B Mcap this cycle, but if this isn’t your first Cycle (and it certainly isn’t ours), then you’ll likely be aware of how overblown and overextended things can get once mania ensues, so even higher is definitely on the cards.

Now, let’s pivot for a second and talk in detail.

What makes a Crypto Gaming project worth investing in?

What signs are we looking out for?

How to indentify the good from the bad?

All great questions. Let’s unpack:

1. The project is NEW and Launched into a Bear Market and therefore has seen intense sell pressure all bear, and is only now rebounding off the lows. Bonus: They raised lots in Funding and therefore have a large runway.
2. The project is already showing immense strength from a price action perspective (important as the biggest runners early on usually continue this way) and also have an engaged community behind the project w/KOLS signed.
3. The project is building real tech that can be adopted OR is crucial infrastructure that Crypto Gaming relies on (Beam is a perfect example) and bonus points if it aligns with a Sub narrative like Avax being a Layer 1 AND crucial gaming infrastructure. Double Whammy.

In wrapping up, we are standing at the forefront of what could be the biggest evolution in gaming history. The integration of Crypto and Web3 by industry giants isn’t just a possibility; it’s a near future. And in this future, the savvy and the swift stand to make monumental gains.

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