Fun gaming with Sparrow Fly

Android Gaming Addiction among teenagers is a growing concern so we made one fantastic game for android users named Sparrow Fly. Its a Classical Hangman game for Android and Custom Graphics,User Interface,Animations are also there in Sparrow Fly.In this game we are putting a adorable gaming graphics,Vibrant Sound Effects 3D Effects etc. So for purpose of Time pass this game is firstly preferable. One one player can play this game in their mobile.

Fun gaming with Sparrow Fly

How To Play..??

In Sparrow fly we have to start with first level. I will explain you a playing strategy of this game.

1)Click on the start to play the game

2)Swipe down or double tap on the screen and make the bird fly

3)Collect the coins which you get on every floor

4)while collecting coins and moving upward be alert of cat.

5)once you come in contact your game is over.

You can collect the coin and Unlock the game on 25th and 50th floor.

You have to move upward one floor after other without having contact without touching the cat.

Collect more coins and get the bird change and you can collect maximum 150 coins.

How to Download..??

  • Download Google Playstore
  • Go to Search Console of Sparrow Fly
  • Write Sparrow Fly in Search Console
  • Then Download it

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