I’m All In: Which Poker Animal are you?

Poker and Animals have an uncanny association and it goes back a long way. From Sharks to Ducks we have a lot of animals related to the game in some way or the other. So let’s find out what are the types of Poker Animals and later you can identify which one are you.

  1. Fish

Arguably the most popular type of animal referred to in Poker. Everyday there are so many fishes siting on our tables, be it online or live. If you think you are an edge above them and can timely identify them, you can feast on them all day long. But if are not able to do so, well don’t be offended but the truth is then, that you are a ‘Big Fish’.

2. Mouse

As timid as it sounds, it is appropriately termed for some players who just lack courage while playing Poker. These are extremely conservative players and will rarely raise even with some really good starting hands, forget playing suited connectors. Will never bluff!! Just remember if they are ever raising, they are sure to have the nuts. You can easily bluff them off a top pair with a size able bet on a wet board. Won’t win much or loose either, just there to survive… Read full blog at- I’m All In: Which Poker Animal are you?