Poker: Vital Statistics for every player

Ever wondered what are your chances of catching a pair on the Flop or making a straight on the Turn? When will you be dealt Aces and are all suited hands good enough to see the Flop with?

Well, here are a few vital statistics associated to Poker that will answer your questions and more:

1. Pair: It may sound a bit strange to you, but you are actually dealt a Pair once in every 17 hands or 6% of the time.

2. Pairing: The chances of, one of your hole cards connecting with the Flop and making a pair is around 33% or One Third.

3. Suited Connectors: Suited Connectors are fairly decent hands, to start off with. But do not be under the impression that they have a great chance to topple over pairs. The truth is that 80% of the time over pairs will get the better of suited connectors…. Read More