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4 min readJul 28, 2022
Sky Falls Genesis Parcels

In the beginning, Silk’s Avatars sat alone in a dark digital landscape. A sun illuminated the Metaverse, their eyes gazing to the sky. The new shining sun with its rays peeking through darkness distinguished the vast floating lands that covered the emerging Silks sky. Each land draped in lush green grass and cascading waterfalls, showering mist into glimmering rainbows.

Sky Falls is the foundational region anchoring the Silks Metaverse and sitting at its epicenter. Genesis members will develop this valuable region to birth their dynasties on these mystical lands. The capital of this new world will form through the collective efforts of its ambitious community.

To claim Sky Falls Genesis land or to verify if an avatar still has a Sky Falls claim attached visit

If you purchase a Genesis avatar after September 26th, 2022 at 11:59 PM EST on the secondary market, it will no longer have a Sky Falls land claim.

If you move an eligible Genesis avatar out of your wallet after September 26th, 2022 at 11:59 PM EST, it will no longer have a Sky Falls claim attached.

The last day to claim a Sky Falls Genesis Parcel is November 10th, 2022 at 11:59 PM EST


Sky Falls is the Capital of the Silks Metaverse. A vast landscape spanning 25k acres with rich utilities and benefits exclusive to the region. The region was named Sky Falls to pay homage to the nature of the claim and to reflect the utilities and benefits associated with the land. Each Silks Genesis Avatar is eligible to claim one Sky Falls Genesis Parcel.


The utility of these floating parcels are exhibited both in their rare properties and the contiguous benefits associated with redeeming the land.

Redeeming — Sky Falls Genesis Parcels

Each Sky Falls Genesis Parcel is redeemable for one acre of land in the Sky Falls region. Each acre will have coordinates on the map, and have respective properties and rarities associated with core land gameplay.

The purpose of the floating acres are the contiguous benefits associated with the land. Sky Falls Parcel owners will be able to redeem up-to 10 parcels at a time, resulting in the minting of 10 contiguous acres in the Sky Falls Region.

The act of Redemption is an act of Creation

The Genesis Avatar holders will be responsible for the creation of the first 10k acres in the Silks Metaverse. As each Sky Falls Genesis Parcel is redeemed the floating acres will fall from the sky resulting in the minting of new land and the formation of a contiguous landscape.


These highly coveted lands are scarce in supply and rich in utility. Owners enjoy special development rights and privileges exclusive to this core community. Perhaps hidden attributes may one day be unearthed from its virgin soil….


Sky Falls was developed as a claim to empower our community and affirm the ethos and vision of the Silks Metaverse. A Metaverse built for, and now by, the Community. Each Genesis Avatar holder will be empowered with land to develop and build their dynasty.

— FAQ:

Who is Eligible to Claim?

  • All Silks Genesis Avatars are eligible to claim one Sky Falls Genesis Parcel after 45 consecutive days of being held in the same wallet. Avatars that have already claimed are ineligible from claiming again. To track all eligible avatars visit

How to Claim?

  • Visit and connect to claim.
  • If you own multiple eligible avatars you may claim multiple Sky Falls Parcels at once. If you do a bulk claim, all of the parcels will be wrapped in one NFT and you will see the multiplier/qty on Opensea. This was done to reduce gas costs, and will still function with all the same benefits of buying/selling on the secondary market.

Where Can I learn more about Land Gameplay?

  • Visit our website and read our Whitepaper at, or join our discord and discuss with the community —

Where can I buy a Silks Genesis Avatar?

Silks — Sky Falls Genesis Parcel