The final filming of Game of Thrones

It is no doubt that season 7 has a lot in store for us. We are all eagerly waiting for the surprises that are in-box. Game of Thrones filming is coming to an end and with a lot in it, we can’t hide the fact that we shall see new faces taking up major roles, for example, Brendan Cowell who is not underestimated about his character in the film industry. He will act as the iron born Harrang so let’s catch up with him.You can get more details about watch game of thrones season 7 episode 2 online then you can visit here.

With filming, we suppose that much of it has been and is still being done in Iceland. More of that, we are in tense moods as we wait for the release date to finally rock our websites. Season 7 is going to have seven episodes which are fewer than the usual episodes but with that too, we believe that every stone will be turned.

The trailers so far create the desire to watch the series which is good and some scenes lead us to ask why and what led to that. The season has a whole new storyline which is unknown for the moment but it is clear that it is worth watching. Benioff and his co-producer are good at their work and we can’t wait to see what they have for us this time round.

The airing of Game of Thrones 7 is expected in summer but even so, fans are still much eager to know what comes their way.