Why Cryptocurrency Needs to Benefit Us?

My name is Andrew Kamal, and I am the creator of CrowdCoin. I wanted to take some time to share some thoughts I have about the cryptocurrency world.

Source: Pixabay

Cryptocurrency isn’t just a digital asset. It is one of the most lucrative assets of 2017, and quite possibly this decade. However, some tasks need to be done before the market can fully accept it. As of now, probably less then 1% of the population is really into cryptocurrency. Though Bitcoin have been around since early 2008, people can still become “early” adopters.

One thing is for certain though, cryptocurrency should be used in a way that benefits humanity. Perhaps I am too altruistic, but I imagine a world where people are more in control of their money, and that global economies benefit greatly as a result.

Before this happens, a few things need to change. Besides the series of technical difficulties, we also need to make sure that cryptocurrency is a more open platform. One that is structured like a constitutional republic or democracy. We as adapters, should do our best to make sure open discussion, reasonable stakes, and a decentralized system is fully implemented.

Having a reasonable balance between miners and investors is the first step. Then the next is adopting non-bias foundations that meets the market’s needs. This will in essence make sure that people have equal chances to profit in different ways depending on knowledge level and resources, leading it to be the ultimate capitalistic currency that supports an open ended free market.

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