INDIE: Jazzpunk

PC Game Review

★★★☆☆ (3/5 Stars)

Jazzpunk is a quirky first-person puzzle(ish) adventure comedy game.

You get to work for a top-secret espionage agency in a strange version of 1950’s Japan, where you take on bizarre missions. Although these missions are the main core of the story, there is a sense of open-worldness, in which you can find secrets, nonsensical side quests and mini games.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game in all its weirdness. It’s unpredictable, funny, and absurd. The main storyline is interesting and very entertaining, and I must say, the art style and music is pretty great as well. I had a truly wonderful time playing this.

I do wish to argue, however, that this game is very short and doesn’t have a lot of replayability for its price tag. Which is unfortunate, as I would love to recommend this game as it stands. So I will say: If you catch Jazzpunk at a reasonable sale price, grab it and you will have an amazing 2–3 hours with this game.

As always, you can purchase Jazzpunk from the Humble Store or straight from Steam.