NotCoin — what is it?

5 min readJan 10, 2024


When Notcoin emerged two months ago, few anticipated its remarkable trajectory.

This simple TON-based meme coin, nestled within a Telegram Mini App, offers a unique gameplay experience where players mine Notcoin by tapping an icon.

In early 2024, Notcoin unveiled its live game version, swiftly attracting an impressive 4.1 million players in just a week, a feat that overshadowed the combined achievements of the entire GameFi market.

This article delves into the unexpected popularity of Notcoin, examining its core mechanics, gameplay experience, and the future prospects of what has become TON’s most prominent game.

Notcoin Gameplay

Notcoin offers an incredibly user-friendly gaming experience. To dive in, simply open your Notcoin Telegram Bot, and begin your mining adventure.

We’ll break down the fundamental aspects of playing Notcoin, but it’s important to remember that this game is exclusively playable on mobile devices.


The essence of Notcoin’s gameplay revolves around its innovative tap-2-earn feature. This intuitive mechanism allows players to accumulate Notcoin in their profiles by tapping on the central Notcoin icon. With each tap, players earn a set amount of Notcoin, initially set at one per tap. The total Notcoin that can be mined in each session is capped, beginning at 1,000 Notcoins, but this limit can be increased with the help of various boosts that players can purchase.

Boosts & Boosters

In Notcoin, ‘Boosts’ serve as enhancements you can buy using your Notcoin earnings, further optimizing your player profile. These Boosts offer various benefits like increasing your Notcoin earnings per tap, shortening recovery periods, and boosting your maximum Notcoin capacity, among others.

When you acquire a Boost, its cost is subtracted from your accumulated Notcoin, and the enhancement takes immediate effect in your profile. Note that the cost for each Boost escalates with every purchase, demanding more expenditure for subsequent upgrades.

Key Boosts include:

  • Multitap: Amps up the number of Notcoins you mine with each tap.
  • Energy Limits: Expands the total amount of Notcoin you can mine in one session by increasing your energy cap.
  • Recharging Speed: Cuts down the time needed for your Notcoin energy to replenish.
  • Auto Tap Bot 2.0: This feature mines Notcoin automatically when you’re offline for more than 60 minutes, but note it’s only accessible once you reach the Silver League.

Furthermore, Notcoin introduces ‘Boosters’ — temporary power-ups that can spike your Notcoin per tap for a brief period, or swiftly refill your energy limit, and more.

For instance, the ‘3x Turbo Booster’ triples the Notcoin you earn per tap. It’s a feature you can activate manually within the game’s interface. Watch out for occasional booster icons like a rocket appearing on your screen. Tapping on this will grant you a Turbo Booster instantly, saving your daily free boosters.


Beyond the basic mining of Notcoin, the ‘Earn’ feature opens up additional avenues for accumulating more Notcoins.

Through ‘Earn’, players can gain substantial rewards by undertaking simple activities like inviting friends through referral links, becoming part of a squad, or achieving certain milestones such as entering the Silver League or opting for Telegram Premium.

The ‘Earn’ function is categorized into three distinct areas:

1.Onboarding: This segment revolves around referrals. You can earn rewards by either joining a squad or getting your friends to join the Notcoin game.

2. Specials: These unique tasks offer rewards for accomplishing significant milestones, owning certain NFTs, or engaging with partner projects. Bear in mind, these tasks are time-sensitive — complete them swiftly before they expire.

3. Web3 World: Engaging with the Web3 sector within the TON ecosystem also presents opportunities for earning rewards.


Referrals play a pivotal role in the widespread popularity of Notcoin, enabling players on Telegram to spread the word by sharing referral links. This not only benefits the person sharing the link but also the new player, as both receive Notcoin rewards. In doing so, every participant becomes a proactive promoter of the game.

This referral system is elegantly woven into the game’s fabric, making it an effortless part of the player’s journey rather than an intrusive promotional activity. Its simplicity and effectiveness are key to its success, enhancing the overall gaming experience.


The Squads feature in Notcoin is a dynamic evolution in the game, primarily driven by its successful referral system. This feature fosters a strong sense of community and collaboration among players. Squads are often associated with specific Telegram channels or chats, with their achievements displayed on leaderboards updated daily and weekly.

Squads usually form organically, especially among friends who join the game via personal referrals. These groups unite players, pooling their efforts both to increase their collective Notcoin gains and to showcase their alignment with particular Telegram groups or channels. By incorporating elements of competition, Squads inject an additional layer of excitement into Notcoin’s gameplay, motivating players to outperform both individual rivals and competing squads.

Is Notcoin minted yet?

This question is a frequent topic of discussion within the Notcoin community, as many are anticipating the official minting of Notcoin on the TON Blockchain. As of now, Notcoin remains unminted and is merely an in-game asset without tangible value. However, its presence on prominent listings like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko hints at a potential minting and formal launch of the token in the near future.


Notcoin’s meteoric ascent to popularity, garnering over 4.1 million players within a week of its launch, showcases the immense appeal of simplicity, easy access, and strong community ties in the realm of GameFi.

The game’s innovative tap-2-earn approach, enhanced by additions such as boosts, boosters, referral incentives, and the squads system, has revolutionized the gaming experience on the Telegram Mini Apps platform, making it both engaging and viral.

As players eagerly anticipate the potential minting of Notcoin, the prevailing sentiment in the community is a mix of excitement and curiosity, summed up in the phrase: “Notcoin is probably nothing.”

The Notcoin listing will take place on May 16th at 3 PM on three major exchanges:




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