Apple Car’s USP will be design.
Michael Schmidt

I have a conceptual question (and before I begin, Apple fans please calm down, there is nothing in my question critical of Apple, a firm I greatly admire!). Two assumptions (both of which are probably at least partly wrong):

  1. The car of the future is shared and autonomous.
  2. Apple has had huge success (on the hardware side) selling well-designed products offering excellent user experiences, at a premium price.

Put the two together, and how does Apple sell a successful car of the future? If I am not DRIVING the car, Apple cannot differentiate the driving experience (and while it can differentiate the RIDING experience, it has less there to work with than if it were dealing with both riding AND driving). If the vehicle is SHARED, how can I charge a premium price? (How can an owner show status if the product is shared with others?)

I am not suggesting that Apple will not outdo many rivals in the car of the future, only suggesting that there is “less there” to work with than with current gasoline-powered, manually-driven, unshared vehicles. It might be like the challenge of selling consumer appliances: is there much room for differentiation left in ovens or fridges?