Why Does Anyone Owe Mitt Romney an Apology?

some doofus
Jul 14, 2018 · 3 min read

Been seeing a lot of hectoring from Republicans about Mitt Romney and how duh libz are responsible for Trump, and I think this was the last straw:


Mitt Romney, who has a nine figure net worth, became that rich as co-founder of Bain Capital, a private equity firm that was famous for taking troubled companies and starving them so that they could gut it and take the profits for themselves. It’s basically the story of American capitalism since 1980: rich investors thinking that lower class Americans were making too much money and deciding that more of that belongs to them. His firm is the reason you can’t bring kids to Toys R Us anymore because Toys R Us doesn’t exist. Mitt was the ideal for beltway Republicans, a guy who was going to make things a lot better for plutocrats and worse for the working class, but he was going to look “presidential” while doing it.

Mitt was also governor of Massachusetts, where he installed a precursor to the ACA, which made things awkward when he campaigned on ACA being bad. This is one of those “I was for it before I was against it” goofs that helped torpedo him and torpedoed Kerry eight years prior. You should already know this by now but here’s a reminder: a lot of voters don’t take to this sort of thing kindly, and it’s enough to swing an election.

Can I mention John Kerry here? He was a good man and for some reason I don’t see you demanding apologies for the humiliation Republicans put him through. Are you mad that the same playbook was applied to Mitt Romney? Because that’s what it looks like.

The #NeverTrump set is doing a bit of historical revisionism right now because they don’t want to take any blame for their side electing a near-senile nutcase for president. Nothing is their fault here. They don’t want to do any introspection about how a guy who campaigns on immigration being bad, banning Muslims from travelling here and acting like every person coming from Mexico is a gang member. He was literally just out there today talking about how Europe is being ruined because of immigration and how traditional European culture is “superior”. I don’t know how he could make it more obvious what he thinks about what “culture” is “supreme” here but I can tell you that Trump voters agree with what he said. The far-right in Europe agrees with what he said. David fucking Duke agrees with what he said. Blame liberals all you want but he’s your guy for a reason: your base loves him. They love his policy towards immigration and they often think it isn’t strict enough. When Trump and people like him talk about “culture”, listen carefully. This shit is happening all over the world yet it feels like only here do you have a bunch of spoiled Twitter brats constantly complaining that “the media” is why we have Trump, instead of their voters being terrified of immigrants and refugees.

Is Trump a reaction to Romney? No, he comes from the culture of AM radio rants, of Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Coulter, Malkin, Ingraham, and Drudge. All of these people have been on the job for over a decade and have far more influence on the base than Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney was a bad candidate for president who voters weren’t enthusiastic about, and you should think about why the base is WAY more enthusiastic about Trump. Or you can keep blaming liberals for all your problems.