My little gamers and their bad posture

I’m Craig Taylor. I live in New Zealand and have two sons. They are gamers. They love gaming. If I let them, they would game all day and night. One thing I noticed though was their posture while gaming and their lack of energy after a stint of gaming. They craned their necks, protracted their shoulders and pushed their heads forward. They ate very little. I wanted them to exercise a bit and eat better. Just something to correct their posture, strengthen their core and sustain their growing bodies.

Getting them to stop gaming to exercise was a mission. They weren’t interested. Healthy food took a back seat. I knew from my profession as a personal trainer and Pilates Instructor they were causing damage to their bodies. Both from the poor posture and their ‘gaming’ diet. Tension rose. Arguments ensued. I was killjoy.

“painting of man” by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

Then I had an epiphany. What if I could get them to go through a series of basic stretches before they gamed? Stretches that were effective, specific to gamers yet easy. A series of stretches no more than eight minutes long. And what if I could get them to take quality supplements? If I could get them to stretch and take supplements, I would be happier about the lengthy sitting.

I filmed three eight minute series of stretches. They were specific to gamers and the postural issues gamers face. I planned to tell them about it and take them through the exercises so they could do them before they gamed, even if I wasn’t there. If they liked it, they may take a break and do them again.

“photography of camera reel film” by Denise Jans on Unsplash

But, no. It would take too much time they said. It was too much energy. We don’t need to they shouted. Our postures are fine. We are young so it doesn’t matter.

I had to change tack. I told them I would stop nagging if they completed at least one of the eight minute stretching sessions before they gamed. Imagine that! No nagging from me as long as you spend eight minutes stretching each day you game.

They reluctantly agreed. I played them the video of the first series of stretches. I could see they enjoyed it. I could tell their bodies loosened up and they felt their internal energy flowing again. It worked. They stretched, felt good and I didn’t nag them.

Now they are two different people. They stretch before and after gaming. They stretch on the days they don’t game because they feel good doing it. Their poor posture is a thing of the past. Through gamer specific stretching they know how good it is to move and exercise. I don’t worry about lifelong postural issues now. I don’t nag any more. Tension doesn’t surround us and their gaming. As long as they continue to address the postural issues through my gamer specific stretching and I see the results, I can rest easy, knowing their future physical selves won’t be compromised because of their activity today.

Another bonus is because they feel good, they want to eat better. They happily take the supplements I hand picked for them. Gamers need specific stretches and exercises and specific supplements.

Something as simple as stretching can mitigate the damage poor posture causes as long as it is specific to the issues.