Best VR Games to Play

Virtual Reality games popularly known as VR games are ruling the gaming world nowadays because of their alluring graphics and ability to take the gamer into new different world of action, adventure and pleasure.
Here is top 3 VR games of year 2016 you must try -
The Climb
Grappling your way around rock faces is a puzzle to solve, but when you need to jump and grab an outcrop behind you, or take a jump upwards, things get hairy. Crytek’s The Climb is a beautiful arcade-style VR climbing experience that pits you against the clock and you own stamina to scale summits as a climber.
EVE: Valkyrie, also Available on Playstation VR
EVE: Valkyrie is a space dog fighting spin off from its gargantuan PC MMO EVE: Online. Every match starts with you in the cockpit of your fighter, waiting to be catapulted out into inky blackness of space.
Elite: Dangerous, also Available on HTC Live
Elite: Dangerous gives you a feel of milky way, like Microsoft Flight Simulator, except it’s set in space and you can go anywhere you like within the Milky Way. It is a platform to explore more than 400 billion star systems — with around 150,000 systems modeled on real-world astronomical data and the rest algorithmically generated using scientific models.
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