Why Remain’s overall polling, the swing to remain, the challenges of the big two and the case for a remain alliance amount to a positive outcome for remainers.

A lot of you will have woken up with an unhappy familiar feeling. You’ll have turned on the telly and Nigel Farage’s gurning face will be on it, proclaiming victory for his Brexit Party in the UK’s iteration of the European elections.

We can’t pretend that the party didn’t get the highest share of the votes or the most MEPs. But what we can say with confidence is that his victory is…

George Osborn, co-founder of Games4EU, speaks to a number of EU citizens denied a vote and advises what you should do next

Anyone who has the right to vote in the UK should be informed in a promptly, timely and effective manner of what they need to do to exercise that right by the government.

This is not me reading from electoral law. This is a statement that anyone who supports a democracy should support.

Yet in this week’s European elections, it appears as if tens of thousands of EU citizens — if not more — were denied a vote…

Paul Kilduff-Taylor talks about the relationship between the video games industry and politics, our industry’s deep (and complex) connection to Europe and what you can do to avoid a Brexit car crash.

Politics and interactive entertainment have always had a stormy relationship.

From a mayor smashing a pinball table with a sledgehammer in the 1940’s to constant Twitter altercations about ‘political agendas’, emotions tend to run high whenever games are concerned.

If you’re a game developer — or a player who follows the industry — it’s easy to become lulled into apathy by the drone of endlessly cycling arguments. …

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/eZIzlTVgqNU

I think it’s fair to say that even the most ardent opponent of Brexit felt a bit deflated at the end of 2018.

Theresa May’s decision to pull the meaningful vote in December was a bit grim. It didn’t just delay the moment when the government’s sticking plaster Brexit deal was finally ripped off; it also dragged us closer to the no deal cliff edge.

However, when you take a step back and look at how it’s shaping up in 2019, things look really positive for a People’s Vote. …

Games4EU calls on politicians to reject the government’s withdrawal agreement during the meaningful vote and support a People’s Vote to deliver genuine certainty to business.

Brexit will hurt UK interactive entertainment and the wider creative and tech industries — our detailed analysis and our discussions with our stakeholders has shown that clearly.

In particular we’ve identified six key risks, from more expensive products to a brain drain out of the UK; the consequences of a range of problems that the UK exiting the EU could create — like leaving the single market, customs/VAT area and losing freedom of movement.


I thought filling out forms in triplicate was a thing of the past.

Luckily for me, the governments of Iceland and the UK have negotiated a tax treaty which means that my client could pay me the full amount of my fee, and I would pay tax in the UK on that. (The reverse would happen for an Icelandic company supplying a British client.)

Unfortunately, it was not that simple. I needed to get a form signed by the UK tax authorities. Then by the Icelandic authorities. Then submit the signed forms to my client. Both tax authorities were really…

Dan Webb is a games journalist and owner of Resero Network and VideoGamer.com

This coming February I’ll have been running video game websites in the UK for 13 years. In that time we’ve faced and overcome many issues (some would argue pointless, but that’s a story for a different day) forced upon us by lawmakers who don’t really understand the internet. Even now. In 2011 we dealt with the cookie calamity legislation and more recently we’ve jumped through hoops to make sure we’re GDPR complaint. …

Punxsutawney Phil: cuter and more reliable than Boris Johnson

Marion Feldhofer is Head of Marketing at Polystream, and is an EU national who made a home and life in the UK before Brexit

Every single day I flick through the news on my phone and it feels like Groundhog Day — the same stories about Brexit over and over again. Supporters criticise the progress in getting a deal in place, remainers vent about a potential dystopian future in case of a No-Deal Brexit and it all feels a bit disjointed. At the moment it is all speculation, as nobody can predict the future. But everybody is asking the same…

Alexis Kennedy is a founder of Failbetter Studios (Sunless Sea, Fallen London) and Weather Factory (Cultist Simulator). He has written for Bioware, Telltale and Paradox.

The thing a lot of folks don’t realise about the games industry: how like a jungle it is. I don’t just mean it’s fiercely competitive, and tough to survive, though it is. I also mean that it’s an ecosystem with beasts of every size, from tigers to obscure voles. The tigers are the big studios with the big-name franchises. The smaller beasts are little indie studios, like us. …

We are announcing the release of a guide to Brexit from Games4EU, which aims to outline — in particular — the impact of a hard or no deal Brexit on the UK interactive entertainment sector.

The report, which has been written by leading video game lawyer Jas Purewal and Games4EU’s policy specialists, aims to explain precisely where membership of the European Union offers benefits to interactive entertainment businesses today and how different Brexit permutations could undermine, damage or destroy them.

Our conclusions in this difficult and complex area are based on major UK government, EU and other stakeholder publications and…


Games4EU is a pro-European Union grassroots movement that is seeking to keep Britain within the EU or as close to it as possible. Join us at www.games4eu.com.

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