Destiny 2 Preview (PC,PS4,XBOX ONE)

by Alfie and Hal

The early response to the original Destiny was generally a positive one. Players loved the rich, detailed environments and the heavy focus on loot. However, the lack of content and an uninteresting story left a lot of people thirsty for more things to do, and so the Destiny playerbase dwindled. Seeing this, Bungie (a year later mind) introduced a thrilling new expansion with a fresh story, fresh world and most importantly, fresh loot to plunder. This brought many of the initial Guardians, who had grown tired of Destiny, back into the fray and with constant following updates and expansions after, Bungie acquired the thriving Destiny community we see today.

Fast forward to Destiny 2 and Bungie is intent on giving a more complete package come release. This includes; a fully fleshed out compelling story, the addition of sidequests (named ‘adventures’), new subclasses and believable characters you’ll want to see succeed.

This time round the player is given a map of the four main locations you can visit as a guardian — Earth, Titan, Io and Nessus. Destiny 2’s trip to Earth steers you away from Old Russia to the new European Dead Zone, a forested area which serves as the main hub or the equivalent of The Last City in the first game. We actually see The Last City invaded and overthrown in Destiny 2’s first campaign mission (available in the open beta) despite the efforts of the Vanguard. It is this narrative hook that provides the developers to give players a brand new setting to explore, along with a clean slate. No items of any kind can be carried from Destiny to it’s sequel; everything is taken away from you (it was destroyed by the Red Legion when they captured The Last City, remember?).

But what does this all mean? For a start as you can tell, and perhaps most crucially, there is more stuff to do. This means no more loss of initial playerbase soon after the game’s launch. The graphics will be improved, the gunplay polished, and the missions made more engaging. The Bungie devs are working hard to ensure that they keep the tried and true Destiny formula for the sequel, while improving on the flaws of its predecessor. If they don’t somehow mess it up, this game could turn out to be something special.

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