The Importance of Fitness in Your 30s and 40s

In the modern world where everyone is busy in balancing their professional and personal life, there is a huge lack of importance given to health. Most of our lifestyle is not balanced as we are missing out some of the crucial factors for having a healthy life. Technology has a lot of influence on our lives and we have reached a point that it is almost impossible to eliminate technology from day to day life.

Earlier physical games played an important role in maintaining fitness but after the advent of the virtual games, the number of people engaging in physical games is growing smaller. As being in the online gaming industry we care about how people lead their life. Casino Pros online casino games are made in a way that it can be played in a short interval of time without any compromise in the entertainment or fun which the player gets from most of the online games. As Casino Pros also serves as a perfect online casino we act as one of the top casino destinations for casino players. We as a responsible mobile casino conducted a survey regarding physical health and have also provided some recommendations so that people can use it to improve their health.

What is physical activity exactly?

Most people are not aware of what physical activity. They often confuse physical activity with exercise. Exercise is more of a sub-category of physical activity and not physical activity itself. Physical activity includes household works, walking to the office and so on.

Effects of inadequate physical activity

Inadequate physical activity is one of the major reasons for death worldwide. It is one of the primary factors for NCD (Non-Communicable Disease) including diabetes, heart attacks and even cancer.


Only one in their children meet the requirement of physical activity and worldwide 1 in four adults are not active enough to meet the health standards, especially in high-income countries people are more inactive in terms of physical activities.

Children in U.S spend around 7 hours a day in front of a screen such as watching TV, social media and playing games. Most of our mobile casino games have a very short gameplay duration so that the players can use it to kill their boredom instead of getting addicted to it.

What is the right amount of physical activity?

Daily physical activity requirements change for different age groups and are listed below

Children and Adolescents (5–17 years)

One hour of medium to vigorous physical activity and a performing task involving strengthening of muscles and bonus for at least three days for a week

Adults (18–64 years)

Around two and half hours of medium physical activity all through the week and performing muscle and bone strengthening activities for at least two days of a week. And for more benefits, adults are recommended to engage in physical activity for 300 minutes per week.

Above 65 years

At least two and half hours of medium physical activity and for additional benefits around 300 minutes of physical activity is recommended.


It is hard to avoid technology in this modern world but people should make a viable plan to maintain their health. A large number of people are indulged in virtual games and it should be avoided. People should play more of short gameplay games such as games available in our mobile casino site. Also, a majority of the people are addicted to some kind of technology and they should take certain measures to curtail their digital usage.

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