BA (Hons) Games Design & Art - 2016

Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton

Games Design & Art
Jul 12, 2016 · 2 min read

The games industry need more designers and artists. We are seeing growth in smaller independent teams that are agile and able to develop innovative games across numerous platforms. Technology such as Unity, Steam, Unreal and the app stores have unlocked the ability for anyone to make and distribute a digital product or game. Games are broadening their application in areas such as serious games, mobile and VR for a growing sophisticated audience.

The course at Winchester School of Art, part of the world-renowned University of Southampton, aims to create game designers and artists that provide experiences through game play and game application not only for entertainment but for meeting societal and global problems through participation via games, challenging the norms. Winchester School of Art is research led, with many PhD students. It has been able to create a unique course that puts design and experience at the core of the learning via prototyping, user testing and design thinking.

Winchester School of Art looks to create not only the next wave of game producers but game innovators.

Projects cross video games, digital products, physical products and augmented outcomes to create rich experiences that entice and engage the player. These experiences manifest themselves in appropriate formats both physical and digital. Projects are team based and look to mirror companies such as Hello Games, UsTwo, thatgamecompany and the indie set up around creators with T-shaped skills profiles.

This approach makes Winchester School of Art a distinctive, unique, innovative and excitingly agile course for students interested in Games Design & Art.

You can read more about the course on the official website here

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