Romeo and Juliet Project

The first semester finished with a successful prototype “Pop up Arcade” here at Winchester School of Art and a chance to celebrate the semester just before portfolio submissions of work created in both the British Museum and Romeo and Juliet project for assessment.

GDA Pop up arcade in full swing

The teams (3 students per team) created working prototypes that they then showcased to fellow students, staff and even members of the public. The response to the event was very positive, comments about the level at which the prototypes had arrived at after only 5 weeks of activity was commended on by all visitors and I think some student’s were still in shock that they had actualy made them !

Each games was accopany by artwork and design to promote

Most of the games where build in Unity (with one being made with Gamemaker). All our students having no prior knowledge of Unity and having attended basic computational thinking and programming principles workshops along side design and game theory sessions , the effort to learn outside of the taught sessions via peer sharing in the studio and access to via our campus agreement showed great application of the principles as was evident in the prototypes being fully playable.

Of course no arcade is complete without cabinets and one team boosted the studios cabinet number from one to two with a new 2 player cabinet being built over the Christmas holidays. It’s arrival certainly boosted spirits to make the arcade a success.

User testing is a big part of game design and something we have integrated into the course within semester 2 there will be many more opportunities for the games design and art students to gather feedback with user testing and the plan is to end Semester 2 with a bigger and better pop up arcade.

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