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Bury Me My Love is a text messaging adventure game about Nour, a Syrian migrant trying to flee to Europe.

Design Challenge for the Games For Learning Team at UNESCO MGIEP:
How can we make an innovative digital learning experience on
Bury Me My Love — a game about the Syrian refugee crisis?

In a world of growing fascism and increasing intolerance against immigrants and cultural, social and religious minorities, the game Bury Me My Love strives to question right-wing populist sentiments in a visceral and heartfelt manner. The game transports us straight into the shoes of Majd, who is the husband of the protagonist, Nour. As Majd, you interact with Nour through text messages as she makes her way to Europe from her war-torn home in Syria. The game elicits feelings of loss, helplessness and grief as you try to remain in contact with your wife and help her to make it to safety. The real-time nature of the game means that the user has to wait for Nour for undetermined stretches of time till she regains internet connectivity and replies to your texts. As such interactions mimic messaging for anyone who uses a smartphone, the game is extremely intuitive and easy to play. What makes it hard to play is the deeply emotional reaction it evokes, and the sense of ambiguity that arises while taking decisions for Nour, as one text could essentially change the course of her life and put her at risk. …

UNESCO MGIEP with its Games for Learning and FramerSpace teams, organized a series of CoDesign workshops in June in various parts of New Delhi.

CoDesign workshops were unique learning areas where students took the role of creators. The students were asked to play a story-rich video game.

The two games that we chose for the workshops were Florence and Bury me, my Love.

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Intended for Class 9 & 10 students


Florence is the story of a young woman and the heart-racing highs and heartbreaking lows of her very first love. …

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We came across Florence when it won the coveted Apple Design Award last year. Soon after we started playing it, we realised it wasn’t a typical game. It felt somewhat like a graphic novel or a comic book, yet so different from it. It seemed to be an interesting and novel method of storytelling. We were particularly excited about that since another team at UNESCO MGIEP was creating an original way of storytelling for their Global Citizenship course. Playing Florence was an emotional journey for our team, even though the story was predictable. The immersive-ness of the graphics and the music made us genuinely invest in the game and its story. A few days later, we played it again, and this time we played like we were Krish. Next iteration, we played it like Florence. …


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