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Barbie dolls are probably the most popular dolls for any child who grows to love them. These dolls were able to create a great empire of movies, books, furniture, cars, dolls, games and much more since they were introduced there more than 50 years. Today, girls have nothing Barbie, including online games that are available to them on the Internet for free. Let your child play games online Barbie. Let’s experience the magic of Barbie in so many different ways. But you must take the necessary measures to find the game that your daughter would like to play.

So how do you start looking? The best place is by visiting the official Barbie website. Here you can find many activities and games for your children. You can also go to other gaming sites Barbie if you want to broaden your search, but make sure you do it with caution. Some unofficial games are hosted on sites containing advertisements for adults who are not suitable for young girls. Do not let your child explore these sites, or better yet, try to find games hosted in healthy sites.

Once you have found the appropriate Barbie game for your daughter, such a dressing game, show your first girl to play, let her do and enjoy hours of fun and imagination. Barbie usually begins here with no clothes (and in some cases the hair). Some games have a predetermined Barbie clothes. Your daughter just need to click and drag the parts listed clothing on the body parts of the Barbie. If your daughter wants adventure, you’ll find a Barbie game where she can guide Barbie trips through its control with the arrow keys. It can bring Barbie through various screens, doing things such as picking up objects and remove barriers for it to progress.

Besides dress up game, girls will love the Barbie hair style. To begin this Barbie game, it first chooses a hair style and create this style using styling accessories provided in the game. Your daughter needs to first wash and dry hair and make Barbie coloring , cutting, styling and adding accessories to highlight the hair style. This is an exciting game because your daughter is under time pressure. The style should be completed in 3 minutes, and once it is finished, it can be saved and printed out and shown to you and friends.

In other sites form outside the Barbie official website, there are Barbie games that offer options for your daughter to become more creative. She can put on makeup Barbie choosing first what should be the color of the skin, hair color and eye color that will match it with makeup applied. Then she chose the shade red eye shadow and lips right stuff. Barbie to give full mark on, it will choose the hair style and accessories. Once completed, your precious daughter will get a beauty score for its efforts.

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