5 Worst video games ever created

Hey, we like all video games. They are part of our lives, bring us joy, make us think and constantly impress us with their creative genius. But let s face it: all games are not great. Over the years, we have all played these failures, these stinking, these lazy titles and without imagination that make us curse to lose our time with them. Come with Cogconnected while we look at some of these infamous games. Here are 5 the most terrible video games ever created.

Attempting to take advantage of the massive successful film of the same name, and the alien on the Atari 2600 was a really horrible game. It is largely because it was precipitated in just over a month to make the Christmas shopping season from 1982. It has resulted in a terribly stripped case in which you guide the and holder, to The search for phone pieces to call at home . This game was so bad that he has caused the game industry collapsed for years later, and the legends say that there is still a big well somewhere in New Mexico full of thousands of Atari cartridges buried buried.

With the full (and clumsy) name of Superman: The New Superman Adventures, this title had mediocre visuals, a boring gameplay and an inexplicable penchant for foggy environments. Although it has sold well, critics have criticized Superman s simplistic goals, unpolished controls and unprinting environments — that many people suspect of being the reason for all this fog. It is not surprising that the planned PlayStation version has been canceled. It is a catastrophe that is constantly mentioned as one of the worst titles of the video game.

This first-person shooting game was a (second) continuation that no one had requested, taking all the humor petty, the sadistic violence and the stupid stereotyped attitudes of his predecessors and adding a lot of bad design and a lot of bugs. Like many games that deliberately arouse controversy to attract attention, postal III was just not a good game — in fact it was terrible. Even our own Paul Sullivan, a man who admits he loves the avant-garde humor in a game, found that postal III was disgusting and a game you should avoid . Ouch.

Sometimes the games are so bad they are good . But sometimes they are just bad. And Goat Simulator 2014 was not just bad, it was Baaaaaad (included?). It started like a joke, a small enthusiast PC game with a ridiculous gameplay and bizarre problems. But when our man Trevor has revised him on console, he was no longer laughing. As he observed, Goat Simulator was, after the disappearance of the initial laugh, that a shit game without no substance . It looked like ass, it was boring to play and it was overall just a big hot brothel.

If you have not heard of this little horrible title on Switch, consider you lucky. In this one, you are a witch, flying a bicycle through a series of rings for any reason, and … it s about everything. There is really nothing else to do and no goal to accomplish. Even this thin premise could have had some charm if the flight did not feel, according to the words of our criticism, to travel through the mud at the speed of a snail . Add a horribly located dialog and you get a game that is not just one of the worst Switch games of all time, but a worst game on any platform, never.

That s all for our list of some of the worst video games in history. Stay tuned to Cogconnected to discover other really terrible titles. As long as they continue to manufacture them, we will continue to list them!

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This web page contains recommendations, tricks, and strategies for players of MADDEN NFL. You can find Buy MUT Coins Coupon for EZMUT