Game Stars platform tends to solve eSports market problems. One of these problems is a difficulty of own tournaments organization.

It means both financial spendings and physical efforts. The goal of Game Stars is to provide growth opportunities for beginner and proficient cyber sportsmen.

How to launch your tournament in 3 simple steps?

1) Click on the start!

Any Game Stars platform user can launch own tournament, select its name, date, and other settings.

For example, it’s up to the organizer whether the tournament will be held in accordance with the Olympic or circular system. The organizer also defines the…

Game Stars is one of the most interesting blockchain projects right now. The company seeks to transform the eSports industry by allowing gamers to organize their own esports tournaments in a secure and transparent way.

To transform the market, Game Stars is partnering with leading companies in cryptocurrency exchange, virtual reality and machine learning. And we have great news! Game Stars is in talks with one of the leading companies right now, and together they are sure to change the eSports industry. Why will Game Stars soon change the esports market?

1. Seamless GST token exchange through Yobit exchange


Dear Friends! We are glad to inform Game Stars extends the third stage of token sale. Today we have reached the Soft Cap and received $2,000,000, which indicates the incredible interest in the platform from users again.

The project team took the decision to extend licensee to the 2nd of July, inclusive, due to the postponement of the start of trading on the exchange at the beginning of next week.

Another good news is that after the end of the token sale, the listing on the exchange starts, that will open up a unique opportunity for you to buy tokens…

The 2nd stage of the Token Sale is coming to an end and the stir around Game Stars doesn’t fade away. World-known media resources like Bitcoinist and Yahoo! are covering the platform widely in their articles. Check out a big interview with our CEO Sergey Sevidov and other publications:

Bitcoinist — one of the most popular online platforms providing the information about Bitcoin, digital currency, and blockchain technology. Reliable team provides up-to-date news and analysis of the blockchain industry.

Yahoo! Finance — a division of one of the largest web services provider Yahoo! …

Great news! We’ve received more than 2000 requests for issuing Game Stars smart contracts. We are very grateful to each participant!

Game Stars project gained a great popularity among the eSports community and many gamers are joining the platform. Note that GST emission is limited and when 14285 profi users register in the platform after Hard cap point is reached, a deficit of tokens will appear. If you buy GST now you will get a chance to become a monopolist in the future!

Game Stars issues smart contract for each registered player. Players can launch the Cyberathlete Initial Coin Offering…

Game Stars gives the honest and open information about GST Tokens distribution and how the raised funds will be spent.

Game Stars gives the honest and open information about GST Tokens distribution and how the raised funds will be spent.

The distribution of tokens will be the following: 5% GST’s were sold on the Pre-Sale stage, 60% GST’s are being sold on the Token-Sale stage, 7% GST’s are reserved for Game Stars Team and 5% — for partners and advisors. …

Strong and solid community means a great support of the platform. The number of subscribers on Game Stars pages in social networks grows every day even though the project is still at the development stage. Telegram and Telegram chat have 2000 subscribers each. Instagram has already attracted over 1000 followers. The largest community has gathered in Facebook with over 9000 users. We are also very active at Bitcointalk forum, where Game Stars publications are viewed for 2000 times.

Subscribe to Game Stars accounts! Find all the information about the project in the social network you prefer the most. Ask your questions, leave comments and our administrators will be glad to help you.

BlockShow Europe 2018 has brought Game Stars a great partner. VReS is the world’s biggest VR platform, used by 15 million VR gamers in over 3000 stores.

Our team has met Seralyn Campbell — CPO (сhief promotions officer) of VReS — during the conference. Together companies have established a strategic partnership for productive and effective work.

VReS and Game Stars have discussed further actions on cooperation in order to improve the current situation in the eSports market with the help of blockchain. Check out VReS official website to find out more about our partner.

Follow the news and be the first to know about a joint development plan from Game Stars and VReS.

Game Stars has arrived in Berlin and already participated in the 1st day of BlockShow Europe 2018. We have attended several presentations, met speakers and leaders of the blockchain market.Team members have had a meeting with the CPO (сhief promotions officer) of VReS company — Seralyn Campbell. VReS is the world’s biggest VR platform, used by 15 million VR gamers in over 3000 stores. The platform is based on the blockchain, thus companies have shared their ideas on further eSports market development with the help of the technology. Our team is willing to start cooperation with VReS and make the revolution in the industry together.

Game Stars team is growing together with the project. We are glad to introduce our new advisor — Daniel Laufenberg.

Over the past 4 years, Daniel has been leading teams and architecting client solutions for a wide range of problems in tech giant like Google and Cisco. He currently works as a senior development engineer in Exadel and responsible for all stages of the development life cycle of products for AT&T, Samsung, Bank of America and others.

Besides great development experience, Daniel is passionate about the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. He will be providing support on platform architecture, security, optimization, and database design. Game Stars is lucky to have such a professional as a member of our team. Welcome aboard!

Game Stars

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