Four Reasons Why Game Stars Will Transform the Gaming Industry

Game Stars is one of the most interesting blockchain projects right now. The company seeks to transform the eSports industry by allowing gamers to organize their own esports tournaments in a secure and transparent way.

To transform the market, Game Stars is partnering with leading companies in cryptocurrency exchange, virtual reality and machine learning. And we have great news! Game Stars is in talks with one of the leading companies right now, and together they are sure to change the eSports industry. Why will Game Stars soon change the esports market?

1. Seamless GST token exchange through Yobit exchange

No blockchain platform functions well without strong support from digital exchanges. To enable gamers to easily access the GST tokens, Game Stars is partnering with Yobit. Yobit is popular for its friendly user interface and enhanced security features.

2. Game Stars incorporates the VReS Virtual Reality platform

Virtual Reality adds some adrenaline to gaming, and Game Stars appreciates the important role that VR plays in the gaming industry. That’s why they are partnering with VReS, one of the world’s largest VR platforms that boasts of having over 15 million gamers. VReS is used by over 3000 stores worldwide.

VReS is revolutionary because it allows gamers to perform multi-device matchmaking, earning tokens as a prize. VReS also allows spectators to watch and place bets on teams and players.

3. Organizing a joint tournament with FLUX

Blockchain is popular because it’s a decentralized technology that keeps a traceable record of all transactions. GameStars and FLUX will organize a joint tournament where GameStars’ smart contract will be used to comply with the rules of the tournament and to distribute the prizes among its winners.

4. Game Stars is minimizing fraud

There’s no denying that fraud is the bane of the gaming industry. Game Stars is keen on minimizing fraud in the industry, and this is why it has partnered with Z-Union, a machine learning platform.

Looking at the quality of partners that Game Stars has assembled, it’s not hard to see that it has a bright future ahead. Game Stars continues to negotiate with many major market players in order to create and strengthen partnerships. Game Stars is constantly joined by new partners who make the project better.

Stay tuned and be the first to know the next Game Stars’ partner!