Launch Game Stars Tournament in 3 simple steps!

Game Stars platform tends to solve eSports market problems. One of these problems is a difficulty of own tournaments organization.

It means both financial spendings and physical efforts. The goal of Game Stars is to provide growth opportunities for beginner and proficient cyber sportsmen.

How to launch your tournament in 3 simple steps?

1) Click on the start!

Any Game Stars platform user can launch own tournament, select its name, date, and other settings.

For example, it’s up to the organizer whether the tournament will be held in accordance with the Olympic or circular system. The organizer also defines the rate of the entrance fee, number of participants, conditions that allow participating in competitions (open/closed tournament for certain people), the way of distributing the winnings, etc.

2) Select entrance fee

All terms of the tournament are registered in a smart-contract issued by the platform. Thanks to the hash conditions can be checked if there is any disagreement between participants.

After that, each participant pays the entrance fee in GST tokens. Each of them can grant different amount. If the number of interested does not reach the required minimum, the smart contract will automatically return entrance fees.

3) …Get a reward!

At the end of the tournament, the platform records its results in a smart contract that automatically transfers prize money to the winners. At the same time, 3% of the prize fund is credited to GameStars platform as a service fee.

If players have contributed different amounts of the entrance fee, the distribution of the winnings depends on shares of each participant.

Please note: the tournament can only be launched if there are GST tokens on the balance. It’s another reason to buy tokens right now! Token Sale will last until July 9th. After the end of sales, all tokens will be burned and there will be a possibility to purchase them only on exchanges at a higher price Immediately after its completion, all tokens will be burned, and they can be purchased only on the exchange, at a much higher price.