Change begins with a spark

An award for individuals who change the world of work

At Spark the Change we believe that inspiration means little without action. We want to see individuals and companies embracing change — big and small, organisational and personal.

And so we’ve joined with Conscious Business People to create an award that reflects our philosophy.

What sparks for you at Spark the Change?

As part of every talk or workshop we’ll be asking people to tweet a single idea, inspiration or action that occurs to them. These will form an ideas map.

Take one of these — and make the change. Make it fast — don’t wait for an approvals process or to set up a project — do it!

It doesn’t matter how small; it doesn’t even matter if it fails! Record what happens, measure your results — and then send us a short email detailing the change.

A judging panel will select a shortlist of people to speak to further before choosing the winner.

The Spark Award: Spread the Change

You’ve sparked a change — you’ve made it happen and you’ve learned a lot along the way. Now, it’s time to spread that change further — not just within your own organisation, but with other business pioneers.

· £1,000 cash to spend on furthering the change in any way you see fit

· An article to be published in InfoQ

· A speaker’s slot at Spark 2015

· A professionally produced case study

The Rules

The Spark Award is open to participants at Spark — including speakers and the holders of workshops. This is about leading change!

There is no definition of what type of change, how big or small, whether it succeeds or fails or is still ongoing. Your spark could be about trying a new process or structure, it could be about a change in your own behaviour. We care about why this spark was important to you and your organisation, about you went about implementing, and about how much you and others around you learned in the process.

We’ll be looking to receive submissions by the end of August — effective change requires speed of action!

To apply for the Spark Award, you need to come to Spark the Change! It’s a conference designed to build better businesses, develop true leadership and make happier workplaces. Inspire, energise and develop the skills you need to make change happen.

Speak to @SparkConf or @CBizPeople for more details!

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