Gamico Announcement: Extra Accounts!

Surprise! The past two days of Gamico’s Beta has been a stellar success, so we’d like to thank you, the community! And how are we gonna do that? By giving out more accounts of course!

Extra Accounts This Week!

Today we’re giving out accounts to all VIP members (up to #V331) and the regular queue as well with up to #500! We’ve been getting plenty of awesome feedback, and we’ve seen positive signs from the community as well. (Plus more competition for everybody is a good thing right?) So if we’re giving out even more accounts this week, what does that mean for next week?

Next Week’s Account Distribution

Right now we’ve received over 8000 sign-ups for the Gamico Beta, with hundreds pouring in every day. To celebrate, and account for the growing demand, we’ll be doing a BIG account distribution this upcoming Monday. How big? One. Thousand. Accounts. So if you’re Queue number is up to #1300, you’ll be able to use Leeroy the Gamico Bot! (Some of you will get a sweet bonus in there too!)

Once again we’d like to thank everybody for all your help with the Gamico Beta so far, and don’t forget to tune in live for our Q&A session this Friday at 7:00 P.M. HKT (11:00 A.M. GMT). Tanner and Limbi will be there to answer questions you’ve got about the Gamico Beta!