Micki Sherry
May 8, 2017 · 2 min read

So this is the question that always circulates in league of legends. “How to Improve at League of legends?”, “How to Rank high in league?”, and so on. You’ve all heard it.

However, what I see more often than not is that individuals really don’t aim for what they’re requesting. You’re asking someone how to show signs of improvement, yet in all actuality what you want is a higher rank. You aren’t prepared to invest any genuine exertion into showing signs of improvement, no. When asked for help from lower elo friends of mine, I tell them to study their ranked replays and 9 times out of 10 they quickly begin to wind up plainly uninterested. The response to the question they’re asking at this point is to simply get elo boosted or duoQ with a smurf I presume.

So now when we discuss really showing signs of improvement we need to begin from the base. What’s that?

Well when we consider showing signs of improvement or enhancing our present expertise we need to acknowledge the our current play is not good and, to put plainly inefficient. Without accepting this, how are you expected to progress? Consider it. How are you expected to show signs of improvement when you first battle with yourself that you are bad.

The most essential thing in improving is understanding the areas you are bad in and studying yourself to improve on those areas. Here’s a image about mindset growth to give you some context

from http://dudegameover.com/league-of-legends-efficiency-guide/


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