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It’s been seven months in the job and a great journey for me at Gamooga. It’s really been a real pleasure to work with people who have a lot of passion to do something big in their particular roles & responsibilities, thanks to the passion and motivation instilled by the founders themselves.

Gamooga Recruitment

When we look at the growth of any company, most of us look at the business numbers that the company produces, but we often forget that the most important factor behind those numbers is the company’s staff and their contributions towards the organizational vision & mission. I am very happy that our founders are strong believers of the fact that recruitment is one of the key factors that plays a crucial role in organizational growth by adding the best talent to their teams.

We at Gamooga are a team of 35 + of highly talented employees with strong pedigrees, from top tier institutions and topnotch product organizations, working together to create some disruptive innovation in the Marketing Automation space.

Hiring process

We are very picky in terms of choosing the quality of people for all our teams such as Engineering, Product, Design, Marketing, Sales, Implementation, Business Analysis, etc. and also for functional teams such as Human Resources, Finance & Admin. Though we are always eager to add qualified people with strong pedigrees to all of our business units by assessing their ability, relevance, culture fit and attitude, we are very keen to talk to even those people who do not have very strong portfolios, yet they possess the drive and vision to innovate . We have different rounds of interviews across all the departments at Gamooga. Usually, there are be two to three rounds of interviews for every business unit which is followed by an offline / online test as per the business requirement.

Team building

We conduct ‘town halls’ where we discuss the achievements of the past quarter and the plans for the following one. Business heads of every team discuss future plans, so each team has an idea what other teams are doing.

We have regular sports outings as well as team lunches in the office. We also have other team-building activities such as off-sites, where you can go with the entire team to for an all-paid holiday to a tourist destination.

Employee Engagement/ Culture at Gamooga

For us, engagement starts right after an offer is made. We ensure to send welcome emails to the new joiners with all the work & policy related updates and also the fun activities. We also send drip email campaigns after extending the offer until a candidate gets onboard.

We also have an annual event calendar which contains all major events and holidays at a company-wide level so people can plan their holidays with their families, in advance.

We receive regular emails from the CEO / Product Team/ Marketing Team, etc. talking about what’s up at Gamooga. This information sharing and open communication in the organization encourages transparency and empowers everyone to share their views.

We don’t have a rigid dress code at Gamooga. Employees are free to come in whatever they are comfortable in, as long they’re not in their pyjamas J . Individual & team productivity are more important to us than rigidity in timing or attendance.

We also form groups to participate in corporate tournaments like Cricket / Soccer and Volleyball, some of the few things that cultivate the ‘work n play’ attitude in the company.

Also, we encourage and solicit feedback. Everyone here has the power to give feedback, even to the CEO, on any subject in reference to work. This approachability also extends to the team where they can share feedback, grievances and pointers to improve, and this helps them to connect as an intrinsic part of the company.

Written by Harish Chappa, HR Manager — Gamooga
Gamooga Team
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