Email, eTail, CRM & Digital Marketing Conferences for 2015

In 2014 you’d have found various Digital Additive team members at a number of places learning and experiencing all about email and digital marketing, including:

  • Marketing Sherpa Email Summit in Las Vegas in February.
  • SXSW in Austin, TX in March.
  • LaraCon in New York City in May.
  • Litmus Design Conference up in Boston in August.
  • Made By a Few over in Little Rock, Arkansas in mid-August.
  • ExactTarget Connections in Indianapolis in September.

This year we’re planning to be out and about again, hopefully in even more places to learn even more and better stuff.

While we haven’t booked it all yet, here are the conferences and events on our radar for 2015 about all things email, digital, CRM and web.

I also included pricing in the list because I know that’s important when you’re thinking about which conferences to pick.







  • eTail East
    August 10–13, Sheraton Boston Hotel, Boston, MA. $3,889.00 for non-retailer attendee
  • Laracon
    August 17–18, Louisville, KY
  • LeadsCon & LeadsCon B2B
    August 25–26, New York Hilton, New York, NY.
  • Litmus Email Design Conference
    date(s) not decided, but this is when it was in 2014)





If you’re looking for a world view of conferences in 2015 you should check out Kristi Hines post 120+ Business, Online Marketing, and Tech Conferences for 2015.

We’d love to hear from you if you’ll be at one of these conference and it’d be great to catch-up.

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