COSS stands for Crypto-One-Stop-Solution and represents a platform embracing all features of a digital ecosystem, and aimed at boosting the adoption of crypto. The COSS platform unifies all transactional aspects that are usually managed by means of FIAT money, and offers multiple cryptocurrency-related services in one place: e.g. a payment gateway / POS, an exchange, a merchant list, market cap rankings, a marketplace, an e-wallet, various coin facilities and a mobile platform.

In April COSS has officially launched its beta version. The platform also incorporates the most popular crypto-currency services such as wallet services, exchange exchanges, merchant / merchant platforms into virtual space, where crypto-currency customers and traders can meet and interact with each other. COSS is developed by an international team headquartered in Singapore under C.O.S.S. License PTE LTD.

COSS aims to create convenient, user-friendly and usable ecosystems that combine crypto and fiat currency services, available to customers with one account registered in one place.

The COSS currency of the VEROS platform, will be implemented as the Ethereum smart contract, which governs the validation, distribution, value and ownership of tokens. Apart from VEROS, this platform will support the most widely used crypto so customers can convert to fiat via the COSS exchange service. The new feature will be added to the platform during the next development phase.

The launch of the beta version of the COSS platform will allow the system to function completely (POS). Now, interested users can test these exchanges by registering a trader and points of sale in order to test the COSS platform and realize their vision. Another important feature is the platform’s crypto currency,
Including fundraising tools, ICO platform, third-party plugins, market capitalization and coin review, money transfer and payment gateway.

The core application offers COSS users the following functionalities:
Account management:
Registering a new account-Login into an existing account-Logout-User profile deletion-Configuration security-Viewing account activity log.

  • Hot wallets:
    Hot wallets are stored into the platform and are used for deposits. These wallets hold funds only for a limited amount of time, as the deposit transactions are being confirmed. After the blockchain transactions are confirmed, the funds are scheduled to be moved to the warm wallet.
  • Warm wallets:
    Warm wallets are stored on a totally separate server that has all the security measures to beprotected: all communication ports except for the blockchain synchronization ones areblocked, no user has access to the server directly, the wallet’s password is encrypted, etc.
    Only a limited amount of funds can be stored in the warm wallet
  • Cold wallets:
    Cold wallets are stored on air-gapped PCs in the COSS office in Singapore. These computers have no internet connection, and the transactions from the cold wallets are processed manually by our financial managers.
    The majority of funds is stored in the cold wallets.


A user can check his/her account status in the left section of the menu. The account status can be upgraded by completing the KYC levels. Each KYC level comes with different limits and requirements

  • Deposit
    A user can deposit FIAT or digital currencies by pressing the buttons in the wallet bar inside the application. After pressing the Deposit button, he/she can select a FIAT or a crypto-currency he/she intends to deposit. If the user chooses to deposit a FIAT currency, he/she will be redirected to several payment options. The possible action flow will be based on the selected payment method. If a user opted for Bank Transfer he/she will be taken to a page, on which the bank transfer details can be viewed and downloaded in the PDF format
  • Withdrawal
    Withdrawals from users’ balances are enabled in both FIAT and CRYPTO currencies. Users can withdraw amounts of any currency (FIAT or CRYPTO) that they own. Withdrawals are processed differently depending on the currency that is being retrieved. Some of the withdrawals are automated and some are manual. The automated withdrawals are enabled for users owning small amounts of crypto.
  • Merchant Platform
    The merchant platform on COSS aims to bring together the cryptocurrency-friendly businesses and the potential clients, facilitating the communication between them for the mutual benefit. In this way, the COSS platform performs the role of a middleman in the massive cryptocurrency adoption, helping customers to spend and to acquire their digital coins all in one place.

Symbol: COSS

ICO Schedule: August 8 — September 6, 2017

Total Supply Token: 200,000,000 COSS

ICO bonus: 25%

Token Price: 600 COSS = 1 ETH

Funds Distribution Plan:

  • 50% — IT Development, User Experience, Roadmap Completion
  • 25% — Mergers and Acquisitions
  • 10% — Marketing Plan
  • 10% — Operations
  • 5% — Shareholders, Board of Directors, Advisory Board

Escrow System:

All ETH from the Main Token Swap (ICO) that begins on August 8th , 2017 will go into a Multi-Sig Wallet with 3 Signatories.

The Release Procedure from the Escrowed ETH Wallet will take place annually based on the approved budgeting presented by the COSS Management:

34% — 2018 Budget

33% — 2019 Budget

33% — 2020 Budget


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