UX lessons from the climbing wall
Laura van Doore

Epic article. I have learned immensely about life through climbing. Becoming a climber almost four years ago has changed my life completely. As you describe, the life lessons from climbing are priceless. One of the biggest lessons for me was that reaching your goals takes time and dedication. Getting to the top requires immense training and dedication. That’s even more so when you start climbing multi pitch routes outside. You have to learn so much: learn how to use all the gear, how to be self reliant, and last but not least, how to work with other people. In traditional multi pitch climbing you have to rely on your partners to get to the top, so you need to work hard but you need to work hard with others. Then there is alpine climbing where you are cold and miserable the majority of the time on the mountain. But you prevail because you know the pain is temporary. Ed Viesturs, one of the greatest climbers in history, has a good saying, “Pain is temporary, glory is forever.”

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