The Dribbblisation of Design

This post really resonated with me. I agree that Dribbble is very superficial. The only thing you get from a post on the site is one or two screenshots of an unknown system. There is no problem statement and methodology of how the designer reached the solution.

Design is about creating things that help people solve problems, improve their lives, inform the public. Hence, great designers explore every facet of a problem like detectives, then design and test different solutions. The refined mockups that one sees on Dribble are the very last stage in this process. Getting that pixel perfect rounded label with beautiful subtle inlay drop shadow might look great but if it’s not solving the problem that it is trying to solve, then it’s a complete waste of time.

Nevertheless, I often use Dribbble to get some inspiration on my layouts, colors, graphical elements, etc. But that usually happens in the more mature stages of my projects. Great visual design complements a well thought-through design but it cannot stand on its own.

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