Friction & Work
Kshitij Grover

Interesting. Some time ago, I actually logged out of facebook ony my phone after each time I used it. That prevented me from mindlessly opening up the app because I had to login. No typing was needed, I just needed to push login in addition to opening the app, which was always enough to make me think if I really wanted to do it or if it was just out of thoughtless habit.

It worked pretty well actually. Since then I created a goal on Beeminder (, setting a 3 times per day goal, and now I don’t even log out anymore. I’m just more conscious, and when I do go to facebook, it’s typcally 1–2 times per day, and I typically spend about 15–20 minutes instead. No more micro-sessions of 20–60 seconds.

Both methods works pretty well, and I expect that at the end of the year, I’ll drop the goal completely, hopefully haven conditioned myself to be more mindful about it. If not, it’s back to logging out or Beeminder goal, but I’m optimistic that it can be achieved with a little conditioning :)

PS: Now I only do micro sessions of Feedly (RSS reader) which I feel better about since it’s news I’m going to read anyway, and it feels ok for some reason. Perhaps because Facebook is seemingly endless while Feedly has this fixed number of items items I intend to read anyway (much like email).

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