Olympic Gold Guilt
Danny Cerezo


I find very interesting your writing and I think you have just explained in a very sincere fashion the complexities of colonialism. Colonialism in the case of Puerto Rico is the cause that we have 4 million descendents or puertorriqueños living in the United States. The emigration of ourpeople mostly in the 1940’s and 50’s was a political policy of the United States and the colonial goverment here. This produced of displacement of thousands to the US. Colonialism as you know is a crime against humanity as has been declared as such by International Law and the U.N.

It is very insidious and one of its main goals since the invasion of 1898 has been the suppression of the Puerto Rican nationality. This has been done very sistematically by school, church, media and when they consider its getting out of hand by violence as seen against the Nacionalistas de Don Pedro Albizu Campos. The problem the US has is that Puerto Rico is a Nation, with its culture, language, idiosincracia, somos una Nación.

Mónicas’s medal just brings to the forefront this nationality that exists but has been repressed. That is why anexionistas that believe in statehood celebrate, those who believe in the llamado ELA celebrate and why Independentistas celebrate because it is what we are, it comes out in a manifestation of “alegría”, joy and celebración which cannot be hidden.

And that is why you feel the way you do. Its natural to feel what one is.

Like I said colonialism is very complex and things are not white or black tienen matices. For those living in the United States they have to make a decision of who they are, where there loyalties are, you will always be a descendent of puertorriqueños and if you say you are puertorriqueño then you are, nobody can question that.

Since I understand we are a Nation, it is easy for me to celebrate Mónica’s medal. I have no loyalty to the US it is not my country but I understand the difficulty it has to be for those living in th US and those living here in Puerto Rico where colonialism has affected us all.

Saludos de un hermano puertorriqueño.